Dog Training For Slow Learning Dogs

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Dog Training For Slow Learning Dogs (No Small Yellow Bus Required;)

By Gisela Eggleston

So, your dog isn’t the sharpest crayon in the box. He doesn’t fetch. He doesn’t sit or roll over. He doesn’t even come to
you when you are holding two fistfuls of MarrowBones in your hands. And on the other hand … it is not uncommon to watch him walk into walls, chase his tail for hours, or bark at the sound of a clock ticking on your mantle.

So, as you watch your beloved pup munching away on the wild onions growing in your yard with a blissful little blank stare on his face, you wonder … however will I train this friendly, yet somewhat dim-bulb dog of mine?

The truth here may surprise you …

You already know that all dogs are different. Maybe you have seen German Shepards on the news…walking point in front
of U.S. soldiers on recon missions or K-9 dogs with the police attacking fleeing criminals and being awarded medals (although I still cannot figure out why a dog would want a medal … unless his Alpo went bad or something)

Then there are dogs you have heard of bravely risking their lives to rescue family members trapped inside a burning home … amazing.

Then of course … there is YOUR dog.

He wags his tail a lot and drools quite frequently. That’s about it.

I know the prospect of training your dog may seem, well … laughable. But actually, you can train your dog quickly if you follow these 3 steps:

#1 Get an excellent home dog training course – I have seen way to many folks try and teach their dog themselves with no formal dog training experience and they usually just bark out commands at their dog, then become frustrated
and give up on the pooch when he’s not learning. That’s like me trying to teach you Molecular Genetics in two days by simply yelling “DNA!” at you over and over again in an excited tone of voice. It ain’t gonna work.

So, first and foremost … get yourself a good home dog training book or course. I have reviewed several dog training
courses myself and have found 5 that were really excellent. You can check them out yourself at   Believe me, it will save you a lot of headaches.

#2 Get committed to training your dog – Usually, folks will begin training their dog, continue for a few weeks, then conveniently quit. Or even worse … you start training only sporadically. To be honest, your dog NEEDS to know that training will be an everyday thing. If dog training is just something you do every now and then … you’re dog will become even more perplexed than he is now. And if your pooch is currently working on his last 4 brain cells … this is just cruel.

Remember, dogs love to please. And if he has to recall training he received over a month ago, he will fail and lose confidence at every turn. So when you train your dog, do it daily or as often as you can. Your dog will learn faster, become happier because he is finally pleasing you, and want to learn more. Besides, you already love spending time with your dog. You may see dog training as effort … but for most dogs, they will see it only as extra attention you are giving him. And believe me, he’ll love you for it in the long run when he gets USED to learning something each day!

#3 Train your dog at the same time of day – This may seem like a hassle sometimes, I know. Maybe you are the type of person who doesn’t like being tied down to a schedule. But I’m telling you … dogs are all about routine. They cannot actually tell time … but they know it. They know exactly when dinner time is. They know when you are getting home from work. And they know when bedtime is. Your dog has already learned all of these things … by simple repetition alone!

So when you start training your dog, do it at the SAME TIME of day. Lets say you have time at 4:00 PM each day. Train your dog then, always. Day after day. Soon, your pooch will know exactly when training time is and may even start getting excited and begin without you!

So, listen. We both know your dog will not be entering the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Competition on television anytime soon. So for now, just work on the basics. Get a good dog training program, get committed, and train your dog a little each day. Your dog may seem slow now, but that is only because he has no education to speak of when it comes to dog training. But he is committed. He’s committed to you entirely and relies on you for virtually everything.

But can you say the same thing? Are you really committed to your dog’s happiness? If so, then you’ll take a little time out each day, every day to teach your pup. Believe me … your dog will love you for it, you get the pride that comes along with your dog’s accomplishments … and maybe, just maybe … you will find out that your dog is not as SLOW as you first thought!

Until next time, Happy Dog Training!

Gisela Eggleston

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