Dog Training – Dog Language

Dog Training – Dog Language

By Michael Russell

Many people find it difficult to train their puppies because they cannot comprehend dogs’ behavior. Well, that should not be so difficult if only we’d stop being so busy training and start showing our pets a little respect. Respecting our dogs doesn’t mean allowing them to do whatever they want, but understanding that they are pack animals that need authority in order to feel secure and understanding these creatures as intelligent, individual beings, able of emotional reactions very similar to human reactions.

Indeed, dogs can be stubborn, rude, nasty, charming and aggressive. They can be happy or sad. They can love or hate. They can “miss you”. And hey, they can even talk! Let’s see: was your dog ever barking back at you when you told him to do something? Well, that’s his or her way of saying: no, I will not do it! Insist telling your dog the same thing and you’ve got an aggressive behavior building up. You wouldn’t want that, would you? However, this is a disrespectful behavior and you should correct it: in time, not at once and certainly not through aggressive measures. You don’t want to have a frustrated, fearful companion.

Dogs also grumble. That’s a way of warning you. It doesn’t mean, “don’t bother me”. It means: “Watch it, pal! You’re over the line!” Dogs usually grumble when you reach towards their food when they are eating or when you wake them up. That’s also bad. They should not be allowed to grumble. They should not be allowed to do anything rude or disrespectful. Dogs are pack animals and it’s in their nature to aspire for a higher hierarchy in the pack. However, the leading position should be yours. So pay attention to your dog, listen to him and understand him. Any improper behavior you allow brings your dog a step higher on this pack hierarchy. Too many and your dog will forget who’s the master, or the “alpha dog”. So yes, you are human, but your dog has no definition of “human”. He will cease to obey you if you lack superiority. He will become the leader. It is a normal process. It doesn’t mean your dog is disrespectful, it only means he is simply carrying out his role as a pack leader. After all, why not? If you don’t understand your responsibilities, someone should!

Yes, you want your dog to be your friend and not to control him. Sadly, although a dog is often called “man’s best friend” such a relationship is impossible. Friends are equals. Your dog just depends on you. He is, at most, your companion, but not your friend. You need to control his behavior and you need to control what he eats. He should always come when you call, sit when you say, roll over when you command. These are things you just don’t do with your friends.

So understand your companion and also understand that taking the leading role will not make him love you less. On the contrary, dogs love authority.

Michael Russell

Your Independent guide to Dog Training

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