Dog Training – Dog Bite Prevention Video

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Dog Training Video – Learn some simple steps to help prevent dog bites. Especially good for children. Don’t forget to rate this video, leave comments and subscribe to my channel. You can also get my FREE ebook “101 Ways To Improve Your Dog’s Behavior” at: (more)

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. Jeezay999
    | Reply

    @jusfax LOL tru say

  2. stewartx5
    | Reply

    Might want to mention appearance is not an indicator of danger. Once had a huge Great Dane which wouldn’t hurt anything, yet many were afraid of him. Some time later, had a highly protective attack-trained white/beige Siberian & wolf mix, yet many wanted to pet this pretty dog. Keep distance from an unknown dog until the owner has control and tells you it’s safe to approach. Even then, use good judgement.

  3. VideoGuyNC
    | Reply

    I am not a mean person, but if a dog gets agressive – I will try to remain calm, and if the dog continues – I will kick the sh!t out of it at first chance. Kick at the side of it’s head if possible. Or, hit the top of the nose if possible. That will work when nothing else will.

  4. kissablelippy
    | Reply

    hi! this training is so cool i really learned a lot but I can’t find the way to restrain my Labrador puppy from biting my legswhen i walk or chewing my hands when am trying to train her. seems like she thinks were playing. shes just 4 months old and i don’t wanna want her to be hurt or frightened of training i ant her to have while am training her

  5. Mrsshroomable
    | Reply

    I love your techniques! I have a year old lab that gets very aggressive when we dance or wrestle. I think he just wants to protect the kids and stop the ‘chaos’ but he bites REALLY hard! Broken the skin??? YOU BET! we all have scars from the little monster! he is very smart…Sit..Shake..Down…Rollover…Sit up pretty…Stay and play dead. I dont understand why I can not teach him not to bite. I just dont know how I am sure…any ideas? Thanks for your time!

  6. kaikahitonari
    | Reply

    @eletendre1 have you done the video for mouthy puppies? can you tell me where i can find it? i really want to see it cuz my 3 month pitbull dozer likes to bite. a lot.

  7. marcxopoco
    | Reply


  8. madkvideo
    | Reply

    Nice advices

  9. zounvaj916
    | Reply

    I have a male pitbull. Hes 6 months old. Everytime i try to put my hands on the leash collar on his neck, he will turn his head about 90 degree and do a quick bite on my hand. He doesnt bite when i let him loose or anything just that. I have to tell him no and i put him into timeout but it doesnt help. Any suggestions or tips on preventing this?

  10. VegasGirlForever
    | Reply

    i grew up around dogs and have never been afraid of them, i used all of those methonds wen i was faced with a scared or agressive dog, and ive only beeen bitten once. by a chihuahua.

  11. aes620hb2
    | Reply

    @zounvaj916 i have the same problem with a pit and mine is 7 months, the more you hang out with your dog and walk him the more he will trust you and let you near his neck, also he should never be left in a crate all day and i know its hard but introduce your dog to lots of other dogs and people and just be sure to warn them that he might bite

  12. zounvaj916
    | Reply

    @aes620hb2 Thank you for your concern. My pit has improve over the past week. Today was his first time actually playing with other dogs, another pit, and he enjoyed it! He’s very friendly and unaggressive.

  13. aes620hb2
    | Reply

    @zounvaj916 haha good (= luckily my upstairs neighbors are the ones who bred my pup so buster can always go and play without me having 2 worry since all the dogs up their can handle him with no problem

  14. tado95070
    | Reply

    your the best!!!

  15. eletendre1
    | Reply

    @tado95070 Thank you!

  16. jonen9494
    | Reply

    PLEASE help me!

    I’ve got a 13 weeks old German Shepherd. He’s actually really nice. BUT, he has one problem.

    When he goes amock at stuff in the house and I stop him, he turns to bite me. And the more I say no, or if i grab him by the neck he goes more crazy. It has ende 3 times now with me saying NO! and holding him down by the floor for like 30 sec, because he bites so hard..

    Help me? ??

  17. Midfrost1
    | Reply

    @jonen9494 Bite him back, if you want to show that you’re the alpha male, and he really isn’t taking you “pinning” him down, then bite him in his throat. That’s what another superior dog would do.
    Ofcourse, you shouldn’t bite so hard that he starts to bleed, that’s obviously taking it too far.
    But you’re either his alpha, or he will never listen to what you say in the future.

  18. jonen9494
    | Reply

    Thats a bit harsh…?

  19. Midfrost1
    | Reply

    @jonen9494 I’ll go out on a line here, but I’ll say that THAT is precisely why he bites you, you’re not showing that you’re boss.
    Harsh? That’s exactly what an alpha male would’ve done had he lived in a pack. He’s essentially challenging your leadership when you’re trying to correct him.
    Never a good sign mate.

  20. dbrya02
    | Reply

    I have a border collie sheltie mix that was very sociable from he is young. I had no problem with him greeting people. Today he has fear agression towards people and I dont know what caused that. Last week he bit someone who came in my house without ringing the bell, also this person had teased him when he was younger. Im afraid , and not sure what to do. I tried BARK BUSTER TRAINING , but they are useless. the techniques they used seem to make my dog more feraful.

  21. cjfaasen
    | Reply

    i recently was almost attacked by a stray dog,and i reacted like you said here and even though the dog was growling and runing and snapping its jaws at me it never didnt attack … i was shouting No at it and Stop for about 10 mins and slowly backin away but never turned from it ,the dog finally backed down

  22. cjfaasen
    | Reply

    @Midfrost1 im sorry bout that sounds like your asking for trouble… there are better ways showin your alpha male statis then biting your dogs throat… we are ppl not wolves

  23. blttlg1
    | Reply

    Help Ive got a german shepherd and I followed all the commands he does sit, but tried to teach him not to jump with your trainning video and he now started biting its got to the point where I cannot go near him. When I get him to sit again he starts jumping and biting me as soon as I get close he tries to get behind me and jumps on my back and bites. He does not look at me and I have a very hard time to get his attention as well I spend more then half hour to calm him. Hes almost 6 months now.

  24. alexsingh1000
    | Reply

    i think he is the trainer and man who love to make other dog owners happy . if dog owners are happy than he gets happy

  25. SuperStarMal
    | Reply

    @blttlg1 damn! if your dog still does that go on yahoo answers there are alot of people on that site that can help you!

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