Dog Training: Dancing Shih tzu puppy FurFur 踴る犬

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

9-month old Shih tzu puppy twirling around for food. As a part of obedience training, we would ask our pets to perform a few commands for us before rewarding them with their meal. Here, FurFur performed the following commands: Lie down Roll over (with his own spin on it) Gluteus Dancing Go get your food Leave it Come here Sit If you enjoyed this, please visit our blog at and also subscribe to our channel .Thanks! =)

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. hoodstabhoy87
    | Reply

    Hey! What do you get when you mix a Bull dog and a Shih tzu? A Bullshit! lol =D

  2. sweetfurx4
    | Reply

    @hoodstabhoy87 LOL, thx for sharing!

  3. wIckEdElf
    | Reply

    the best part is definitely the ‘leave the food’ part .. so amazing!

  4. tzinaki22
    | Reply

    So fuckin cute!! 😀
    Good job!

  5. TheOneAndOnly1ist
    | Reply

    beautiful little angel

  6. petujaymz
    | Reply

    omfg y r u such a fag bich

  7. KattyKatrinaFu
    | Reply

    omg its so clear!

  8. berryhiro
    | Reply


  9. rosaryvsbanpaia
    | Reply

    @hoodstabhoy87 lol that’s funny, my grandma will probably kill me if I say that to her.

  10. cheering4avalon
    | Reply

    How have u aquired sucha BEAUTIFUL collection of animals??! Its like you surround yourself with beauty and love and fluff. And there so well trained but they seem so loved. ;] My hats off to you,

  11. vanili1softairboom
    | Reply


  12. nort604
    | Reply


    My mom has a shih tzu cross poodle. We call it a “Shit-Poo”

  13. hannahandcrea
    | Reply


  14. CircaSkating
    | Reply

    my dog is like deaf until you say food

  15. newbear95
    | Reply

    I love the dancing! The leave it is so hard for many dogs as they love their food so much! Well done training! =)

  16. leospyder
    | Reply

    wow hes really well trained. my shih-tzu is willfull because i spoiled her too much 🙁

  17. commonsense909
    | Reply


  18. andregerrit
    | Reply

    ye… awesome…

  19. SassyTheWhiteMaltese
    | Reply

    When my baby eats. and i call her name, she looks up, give me a hmmpfff ‘what da ya want look; and keeps on eating. she’s so spoiled lol

  20. jmsinon
    | Reply

    What kind of treats do you use for your dogs? They’re so cute!

  21. JaimeLe50s
    | Reply

    what a BEAUTIFUL,SMART baby -LOVE that fuzzball for me PLZ

  22. justneedtouploadone
    | Reply

    Cute dog ! I’ve got some shih tzu videos amongst mine too 🙂

  23. Desi4evah
    | Reply

    You’re a great doggy mama!! Hats off to you for being so patient and allowing him to be obedient. Animals can comprehend love and hatred much better than human beings.

    I am totally fwuffed by this furball… CUTENESS!!

  24. dodowil
    | Reply

    so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

  25. oceanborn333
    | Reply

    The dog trainer sounds like a paedo. I’m sure he would like some “glue” [gludius] up his arse by some young “pup”.

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