Dog Training – Aggression German Shepherd (Part 2)

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description This is part 2 of the lesson with this dog and people aggressive German Shepherd. This daily dog training video just shows me taking the dog away from the owner, and is uncut video of the beginning process of me establishing some control in a non-confrontational manner. The dog has been muzzled for my protection, and if you click on ‘part 1’ which is at the end of the video, you will see that the owners are doubtful that I will be able to get this muzzle off the dog safely while the dog is in my hands. You will see me establish solid eye contact with this dog, and will set the stage for much more learning to go on in the upcoming scenes that we will show pieces of every day. The ‘Sit Means Sit Collar’ is being used to establish control in the dog. For further information on becoming a Sit Means Sit dog trainer, visit

What do you think?

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10 Responses

  1. doghaven1
    | Reply

    This was an excellent learning experience for me. Thanks

  2. fredhassen
    | Reply

    @doghaven1 A few more days from this lesson to come! Stay tuned, and hope they help also.

  3. KIBAfang90
    | Reply

    Lovely looking boy. This is a very informative video. Ive actualy learned well from this. Thanks! People who believe that looking in your dogs eyes will set the dog off also believe that you should be food rewarding your dog every time your dog listens to “you”. Food bribery shouldnt be used with most dogs. A dog should listen to his owners, not to the food in your hand. Anyways! Having a dog watching you sets a great line between dog and handler.

  4. doghaven1
    | Reply

    @fredhassen Somethings take time to sink in. What it looks like to me is your creating a non- hostile atmosphere first and then putting him in an environment where it’s more conducive for him to accept that atmosphere. Next your making eye contact for attention.

  5. mommarox2
    | Reply

    very interesting, my 17 yr. old dog has been gone for a few years, but never had problems with him. he was obedient, but one thing I could never understand was, he was afraid to go in the water for a swim. he was a cocker spaniel and poodle mix.

  6. jecforeveraz
    | Reply

    I totally agree about the eye contact along with your calm non threatening movement s .

  7. wahab010
    | Reply


    I need the oppossite how can i make him Aggresive ?

  8. rok9
    | Reply

    @wahab010 it’s down to genetics in my opinion. If it has what it takes, it’s not hard to stir thing up “a bit”. Problem is though, many GS dogs lack natural aggression nowadays.

  9. johniac7078
    | Reply

    that dog is a great example of a dog-owner mismatch. pretty clear that there has been no obedience training or socialization. He is exhibiting fear aggression. Dont know how old he is, but that is something that they will always have to watch.

  10. dellboy177
    | Reply

    Very Impressive work

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