Dog Steals Sandwich from Child

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Hoss stealing a sandwich from a 3 year old.

What do you think?

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18 Responses

  1. sirpau1
    | Reply

    who are those ppl?

  2. Jaytso666
    | Reply

    That’s me!!! : ) lol
    ..and that’s my mom beside me and my grandparents in the background.

  3. sirpau1
    | Reply

    haha! wow james ur so lucky that u have videos from when u were small 🙂

  4. BFarmer1980
    | Reply

    And he licks the plate, to boot! Hilarious!

  5. Photoshoplilli
    | Reply

    This video made my day!

  6. itsmeowornever
    | Reply

    Oh my gosh, so nice to teach your child to react that way instead of being nasty. I love this video.

  7. Drewtazy
    | Reply

    ahhh this was great! What a sweet dog.

  8. PrettyBluLuv
    | Reply

    That is SOOOO my dog waiting for his moment!

  9. ariadnae1978
    | Reply

    You can see the inner struggle going on in that doggies mind. Sweet video 🙂

  10. CAP118
    | Reply

    If you listen, the biography of a mass murderer is playing on the TV…

  11. babylonmol
    | Reply

    Can’t stop laughing at this.. sooooo funny! What a dude your dog is! Luv it, thank you x

  12. WalterWego1
    | Reply

    While this may appear cute & funny, you are setting this dog up to have dominance issues. A dog should NEVER take food from a human unless it is offered to it. And the dog should stay off of the sofa ESPECIALLY when you are eating.

  13. dawnlovesdobermans
    | Reply

    I would love to know the name and breed(s) of your dog! This is a great video!

  14. Jaytso666
    | Reply

    @dawnlovesdobermans His name was Hoss, I believe he was a Rottweiler – German Shepherd cross. He passed away a few years ago.

  15. kevankiki
    | Reply

    @WalterWego1 I totally agree, this would be against our house rules completely!

  16. cabezonlolo
    | Reply

    @WalterWego1 you’ve watched the dog whisperer way too much.

  17. lucas503
    | Reply

    the dog is so focus on the sandwich

  18. crazychaoticcool
    | Reply

    This is adorable. 🙂 He reminds me of my dog Ron. And even though we’ve since trained Ron not to do that anymore, he still watches us when we eat, hoping to nab something when we look away. 😛

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