Dog Rescue Takes 2 Days, Hundreds Saved

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought it would be of interest!

Note: information from YouTube

Humane society volunteers took two days to rescue about a thousand dogs and puppies from a West Virginia puppy mill after its owner surrendered the animals to avoid prosecution. (Aug. 26)

Please … If you think this video is not appropriate nor related to pet adoption and rescue .. please let HART know via the Contact form. Thank-You

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24 Responses

  1. gutyjumu

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  3. brunni8888

    4 thumbs up to all volunteers :-).

  4. DixieDogg3

    Exactly, congrats to all the volenteers! I want to help dogs in a no kill shelter when I get older.

  5. hippylongstockings

    i totally agree with CDLver…theres enuf animals that need homes..if its costing 2 billion isnt it cheaper to set in motion a total ban on puppy farms etc? and any1 caught with one stiff penalties.they are ONLY in it for the money not the animals welfare
    the selling of any animals for money to me is wrong

  6. rockinfortheplanet

    Well done to everyone involved!! 5 stars *****

  7. Striker4928

    Shut up moron. your life is worth less than a cockroach. No, you’re not classified as human..bitch.

  8. ScarbzDynasty


  9. Darthbelal

    Never, never, EVER buy your dog from a puppy mill or a backyard breeder, and skip the pet store when looking for a dog. Hit those guys where it hurts the most, the wallet.

    If you want a dog, head to the local shelter, pound, breed rescue organization or petfinderdotcom. They’ve got PLENTY of great dogs.

  10. lacitus

    Looks like good a buisness to get into

  11. thelucasob

    wow ur a real looser, the only reason people love dogs like people is because no people love them, so we can see ur hurting.

  12. Striker4928

    Nice logic. So 95% of the world are hated by the remaining 5% who hate animals? ..Get rid of the 5% who are hurting and problem solved.

  13. LoveOfAnimals

    Thank you it is nice to know people like you are out there helping the animals. Where would Mankind be without the companionship of our beloved animals.
    There are plenty of people who help the humans-who cares about the poor animals? You guys obviously do,it makes me feel better knowing that there are so many Animal lover,
    *Saving just one pet won’t change the world .but, surely, the world will change for that one pet*
    Friends for the love of Animals
    Bob from New Zealand

  14. adfasffs

    yes i agree with you!!! i hate to see dogs cooped up in lil cages or behind fences and they keep doing it and doing it becoz ppl continue to buy. Never buy from pet stores!!!!!!
    even in the pounds you get all kinds pure breeds n all, so just adopt

  15. 49MAXPAYNE

    wow the owner said she did nothing only to keep from being fined… what a bitch hope she dies a slow long death ( they said the owner was a she)

  16. khomster

    people like the owner of this puppy mill and radman19 make me sick.

  17. purple1449

    So the owner handed them over to avoid prosecution!
    Forget that, shut them in a cage for the rest of their lives and see how they like it.
    Dogs are too precious to be treated in this way
    It is things like this that make me ashamed to be a human being. No other species on earth treat animals like humans do.

  18. oChaoticDarlingo

    “The owner doesn’t admit to doing anything wrong”
    What’s this cunt’s name, I’m going to kill her.

  19. dutch19521952

    Why aren’t puppymills outlawed??!!!!

  20. DasTuppen

    God bless you rescuers…..anyone would be lucky to have one of those angel dogs

  21. xCandyCanez

    AW! at least there okai now :33

  22. KingDoodleify

    too many people that either don’t care or are ignorant of what’s going on buy those dogs. That’s basically it.

  23. KingDoodleify

    Well this isn’t as much about the dogs being in pens for a short amount of time as it is that the dogs stay in pens basically all of thier lives, are forced to breed until they can’t any more, and are basically treated like tissues. Then their puppies are sold, sick inbred things that usually die not long after being bought, to a unsuspecting public.

  24. campcoskuro

    @Darthbelal so true! i rescued my rotty from abuse. now she happy as a clam and very obidient.