Dog plays by himself – dog training tip

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

A very cute and smart dog, spent 3 months trying to tell his owner that he wants to.. (you’ll have to watch the video) If you’d like to support my channel, please click the LIKE button, and subscribe. THANKS

What do you think?

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17 Responses

  1. NoviaScotiaIsCool
    | Reply

    When I lived with my parents we had a dog named Dusty. He loved that game too. My mom read in one of the dog books that you can play that game with him. However you have to win the game all the time, to show who is boss. If you can’t win then don’t play it.

  2. malibudogtraining
    | Reply

    @NoviaScotiaIsCool – Out of 500 views, Thanks for being my first comment, Yahoo! The book your Mom read is now very outdated. I let the dogs “win” probably as much as I ask them to let the toy go.. Visit my blog where I explain all about the game.

  3. terrencelinkz
    | Reply

    can i know the name of the music you used in this video?

  4. malibudogtraining
    | Reply

    @terrencelinkz – sure, it comes with the editing software I use. (Pinnacle Studio, Scorefitter) it’s called Caribbean Holiday, version: “Sand Frolics”

  5. xBlooDxiSxNeaRx
    | Reply


  6. DreamingOfSecrets
    | Reply

    Did anyone else click like cause he told us to? XD

  7. malibudogtraining
    | Reply

    @DreamingOfSecrets Yes, quite a few did. He’s very smart isn’t he? Thanks for the like and watch for some new videos I am working on.

  8. GladysLenisx3
    | Reply


  9. zakor33
    | Reply

    playing and socializing with your dog is natural. i have Rottweiler’s and their temperament is like that of a Labrador 🙂

  10. malibudogtraining
    | Reply

    @zakor33 Rotties are very cute and playful. My next job is to train two Rotti puppies that are sisters. I’ll have my hands full with them.
    Thanks for the comment!

  11. stevenhopkinsboy93
    | Reply

    this didn’t teach me anything?!

  12. malibudogtraining
    | Reply

    @stevenhopkinsboy93 – actually it did, it taught you nothing, and that’s something.

  13. FantasticFace
    | Reply

    i was told when I took a dog training course not to play tug with my dog because then whenever u try to take anything away from him he will think its a game and for fun

  14. malibudogtraining
    | Reply

    FantasticFace- I get this question a lot. If you visit my blog page you’ll see my blog on the proper way to play tug with your dog. There are rules to the game for best results.

  15. niallshow
    | Reply

    my dog is a chow/Golden retriever and when i play tug o war with him he stays the same

  16. malibudogtraining
    | Reply

    @niallshow – Tug is an energy burner; one of several things to teach your dog to help them be better behaved.

  17. malibudogtraining
    | Reply

    Appreciate all the comments, video and Facebook LIKES

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