Dog on the trampoline – funny

What do you think of this pet related video?

YouTube Description

Now this dog has some serious fun on the trampoline. Create a free site for your pet in the worldwide pet community.

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22 Responses

  1. aaandreas
    | Reply

    funny dog…. xD

  2. SnoDraken
    | Reply


  3. kingbulu
    | Reply

    ohh !!! vry cute … i like de part whr it put down its head ..

  4. drewharr20
    | Reply

    that was too cool. when i put my dog on a trampoline she just runs for dear life lol

    | Reply

    such a beautiful dog! Its just amazing the way it plays like a child!

  6. kidsntomcat
    | Reply

    my day just got a lot nicer. thank you

  7. tysken94
    | Reply

    is it a boxer? i love boxers

  8. thehjp9898
    | Reply


  9. rkid1296
    | Reply


  10. chipettechannel876
    | Reply

    my dogs love my new trampoline she goes like weeee wee so much fun!!

  11. katndognco
    | Reply

    Cute? Sure it’s cute, but how many times a day do the neighbors have to listen to her dog bark on the trampoline? I would think it was cute the first couple of times, after that – shut up –

  12. stillmomentsnursery
    | Reply

    Scooby Doo…lol

  13. the4fiffits
    | Reply

    scooby doo is a great dann retard

  14. PetluverChannel
    | Reply

    That’s so adorable!! My dog wouldn’t even get near a trampoline if he saw one :p

  15. MultiAwesomenessman
    | Reply

    after seeing 0:56 I need to get a boxer XD

  16. assassincreedlover68
    | Reply

    Lmao XD

  17. lukeisawesome4
    | Reply

    this is so cool

  18. LaceyGirl5467
    | Reply

    cutest EVER!

  19. GillianRodgers
    | Reply

    Cesar Milan never thought of a trampoline

  20. XxDressagex
    | Reply

    I got knocked off my trampoline by my Labrador! fun times…

  21. shundingy
    | Reply

    cute dog!!!

  22. Joy
    | Reply

    That nose first jump/dive is hilarious! I wonder though why teach them to do that? I could hurt them you know!

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