Dog Lovers Anonymous: Tips For Crate Training Your Dog

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description Shelby Linstrom I have received several inquiries about potty training and crate training. This video focuses on how to appropriately crate train your dog. Crate training your dog is something that takes a little time. You need…

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. shelbylinstrom
    | Reply

    @Halpal90 If you are doing everything correctly and consistently, you may want to try an exercise pen. Some dogs, no matter what you do, may have issues with the crate. You can also try putting the crate in your room at night so that your presence helps soothe him.

  2. Christ4ever4321
    | Reply

    I have had a german short-haired puppy for 4 days now. We put her in the crate at night and when we leave. She cries for extremely long periods of time, I finally gave in each time and slept on the chair. How can I make her quit whining?? Thank you soo much! I would really appreciate it!

  3. Inyourdreams86
    | Reply

    With our puppy have hang out in her crate when I not paying close attention to her or when she wants to wonder the house when I’m busy. But when she is out and I have nothing to do I’m actually small enough to fit inside her crate. So I’ll sit in there and she’ll come in with me and I’ll just love on her. She a German shepherd in case you were wondering. We give her lots of praise and loves when she being such a good girl in her crate. ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks for the tips they are very helpful!!!

  4. JetRanger0007
    | Reply

    Ya, well Crate training doesn’t work if your going to be gone for 10 to 12 hours a day 5 to 6 days a week,, !

  5. HungryViking1
    | Reply

    Im about to start crate training a 7 year weimaraner….should be fun!!! Great T shirt by the way…erm yeah great Tshirt!!!

  6. TonyTX
    | Reply

    hi, my dog is ghetto just like me and when i hear da normal dogs go woof woof ma dog says babowwow y’all. Also, i live in an apartment because i will never live aywhere else, and when i go to walmart to work i was thinking of keeping her outside on da balcony with just a cd player with a mariah carey cd in it and one of my rims from ma car. I have a pitbull named tyreke. ok.

  7. Danksterz409806
    | Reply

    My dog sleeps where he poops and pees, he has pooped in his food bowl before then proceeded to eat the food, what do I do about this issue?

    Also my dog barks every single time i leave him in his room, his room is about the size of a laundry room, but more narrow, he has a kennel in there that he sleeps in, but he doesn’t like his room at all, what do i do about this,
    oh and he eats his poops occasionally, how do i stop this?

    sorry for all the questions but i just need to know, thanks:)

  8. tnewt21
    | Reply

    You can train me anytime!

  9. makeuplover5
    | Reply

    help i work from 11 to 730 4 days of the week and i need to leave my 6 month poodle at home i live in an apt wih my husband we have left her in the kitchen with a baby gate her toys pee pad n water n food n bed but the 2 times i left her she didnt eat or pee ๐Ÿ™ i have tried the restroom it works a bit better but i was considering buying a crrate idk wat to do cuz we cant go out since we have no where 2 leave her

  10. eastwood13
    | Reply

    She’s pretty and really seems to know what she is talking about.

  11. loudewijks
    | Reply

    Hi there, great vid. Iยดm crate training my 3 year old westie at the moment because I am going to bring him to Indonesia from Argentina. Now thats more or less a 23 hour flight. He seems to have no problem entering his crate at his own will but after a few minutes he barks crazy. Like what you said, I dont let him out until he calms down. The question is, when he is barking mad in his crate and I am around, is it ok for me to correct him by saying “no” or a “ssshhh” sound for him to stop barking?

  12. carnypimp
    | Reply

    I love the crate my dogs feels more comfurtable sleeping in her crate then she does around the house. So if any of you think it might give your dog problems no it is great.

  13. pink32smooches
    | Reply

    is 3 hrs to long for my baby to be alone i have class in the AM – ?

  14. mayakanthineela
    | Reply

    Latin bridals here ****

  15. thelanceman
    | Reply

    Thanks for the tips. Any suggestions to our new 1 year old adopted dog (shep/lab mix) who the previous foster home said he hated the crate? We started to let him have the gameroom for himself but he started to rip up our carpet downstairs and can’t let him ruin our house. Is it too late to start the crate at a new home and his age of about 12 months old?

  16. 7537kevin
    | Reply

    Ur hot ! Lol

  17. adasdghjhgjgh
    | Reply

    Need to marry you ****

  18. surf711
    | Reply

    why doesn’t my pup drink from the water bottle I attached to his crate?

  19. whalestail1955
    | Reply

    @Halpal90 Crate training is cruel. If you don’t have time for your dog, don’t have one.

  20. LoneWolfK9Academy
    | Reply

    Very good information from another trainer in Oregon. Greetings from Lone Wolf K-9 Academy located in Redmond OR. Hope you don’t mind me adding one of my video to your post. Happy training and may all of your clients be a success. ๐Ÿ™‚

    | Reply

    @whalestail1955 youre a moron dude, dogs have frickin dens in nature. stfu you anti nature piece of crap.

  22. whalestail1955
    | Reply

    @il3eesa Maybe you can just leave it in there and shove food through the cracks.

  23. whalestail1955
    | Reply

    @CBRADIOLOVER A dog can leave it’s den whenever it likes, does that apply to a crate? Nice language though, profanity is the sign of a limited intellect.

    | Reply

    @whalestail1955 its for its own fukin protection. bein a animal rights whacko hippie is the sign of bein a peace lovin commie sympathizer, go live in the dam ussr.

    | Reply

    @whalestail1955 we can tell yore one of them ole ham radio operators. you probly sit there an say cqcq all day an kiss yore morse code button an shit like that.

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