Dog Fences: The Key to Happy Neighbors

Dog Fences: The Key to Happy Neighbors

By Linda Moore

Dogs are one of the most popular pet in the United States today. We spend lots of money on them, pamper them and are very devoted to our four legged “children.” Dogs require a high level of responsibility, they need to be fed, walked and taken to the vet. Dogs also need to be kept safe and taught to be good neighbors.

The easiest way for a loving dog owner to keep their precious pet safe is to install a dog fence. There are several types of fences available on the market today, these fences act as a barrier, keeping your pet inside your yard. Chain link and privacy fences are the more traditional choices for keeping dogs (as well as children) safely in their yards. Pet safe invisible fences, also known as wireless fences are gaining in popularity with many dog owners.

There are advantages and disadvantages to traditional well as to the newer style of dog fences. Traditional chain link and wooden privacy fences offer a physical barrier to keep your dog in your yard and other animals or people out. These fences can be expensive to install and the wooden ones will need regular maintenance to keep looking good. In addition, many, many dogs learn to either dig under or climb over a traditional fence.

The newer wireless pet containment systems, also known as invisible fences also have advantages and disadvantages associated with them. This type of dog fence offers the owner a system that keeps the pet in the yard, but doesn’t keep out other animals or people, which could leave your pet vulnerable. These fences can also be expensive to install, but they don’t “break up” the look of any landscaping. This is especially important with homeowners associations restricting the use of traditional style fences. One big disadvantage to an invisible fence is that if the wire gets broken, there is nothing to keep your dog in its yard, except its training. It is very important when using this type of fence to train your dog properly and keep up on regular maintenance; this is will ensure that if a break occurs, it can be fixed as soon as possible.

Another very pressing issue for dog owners is the fact that dogs bark. Some dogs only bark when necessary, other dogs bark at absolutely everything. This is more of an issue if you live in a neighborhood where people are more likely to complain, or if you leave your dog outside for long periods of time.

There are many reasons that will make a dog bark, other animals, people or the want to come in the house. It is important to teach your dog as a puppy a command to stop barking. By teaching a puppy this type of command, the issue of barking can be better controlled, although not completely eradicated.

If the reason for the dog bark is boredom, or the want to come in the house, the installation of a dog door can virtually eliminate the barking. Dog door come in an array of styles and prices. They range from a standard hole cut in a door covered with plastic, to a more high tech version such as the automatic dog door. This dog door works in conjunction with a transmitter that is placed on the dogs’ collar, allowing only your dog to enter your house.

As pet owners we want the best for our companion, the use of a dog fence and perhaps even a dog door will allow our pets and ourselves to live in harmony (most of the time) with our neighbors and friends.

Linda Moore writes on a variety of subjects including home ownership, family matters, personal enrichment, Dog doors n fencing and hair removal treatments

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