Dog Days of Summer

Other side of the sunMost people think “dog days” has to do with warmer temperatures, but actually the name comes from the ancient belief that Sirius, also called the Dog Star, was somehow responsible for the hot weather.

On a simpler note, these are beautiful days to be walking my dogs and I really enjoy the tranquility and time to think. I was actually turning a corner the other morning when I heard this loud male voice say ”Hey Stupid” repeatedly. I asked him “Why are you saying that to your dog?” he feebly stated that his pet canine was not overly intelligent. UUGGHHH My husband made me turn the corner before I gave him a piece of my mind. Instead I thought I would share some facts on canines on my blog this month.

* Dogs are capable of learning in a number of ways, such as through simple reinforcement (i.e. classical or operant conditioning) and by observation.

* Dogs can hear sounds that are too faint for us to hear, and also can hear noises at a much higher frequency than we can. Their hearing is so incredible that they probably rely more on sound than on sight to navigate their world.

* Dogs are mentioned 14 times in the Bible.

* At the end of the Beatles’ song “A Day in the Life”, an ultrasonic whistle, audible only to dogs, was recorded by Paul McCartney for his Shetland sheepdog.

* President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s most famous canine companion was his Scottish Terrier, Fala, who is part of the Roosevelt Memorial in Washington, D.C. During Roosevelt’s 12 years and one month as president, 11 dogs lived in the White House. They included a Bullmastiff, two red setters, a retriever, a Bulldog, a Llewellin Setter, a Scotch Terrier, a Great Dane, a Sheepdog, and a German Shepherd who tried to rip the pants off the British Prime Minister.

* The Canary Islands were not named for a bird called a canary. They were named after a breed of large dogs. The Latin name was Canariae insulae – “Island of Dogs.”

* The expression “three dog night” originated with the Eskimos and means a very cold night – so cold that you have to bed down with three dogs to keep warm.

* The real hero of the 1925 Serum Run was really Togo. The 12 year old husky led his sled dog team through 260 miles of blowing Alaskan blizzard to deliver emergency diphtheria serum to Nome. Balto received most of the fame because he led the final 55 miles.

Canines have contributed so significantly to our society & culture.

People should think twice before calling anyone or anything stupid!

About The Author:

Malea McGuinness helps to raise money for Animal Charities & foundations through her live performances in communities she performs in. Malea has garnered lots of attention for her inspirational new album, ‘CLOSE AS AIR’. Her single “Spinning”, is currently building at AAA Radio and receiving rotation from Music Choice. Malea recently took the stage July 3rd at the 2010 Summerfest Music Festival, opening for multi-platinum selling alternative band, The Counting Crows, and will be appearing in East Hampton, NY on July 14th.

For more information, please visit Malea’s official myspace page: and (plus you can listen to more of Malea’s music!)

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26 Responses

  1. HART (1-800-HART)
    | Reply

    (new PetLvr post ).. Dog Days of Summer

  2. Jen
    | Reply

    Awesome Read !!! Thanks Malea !!! You Rock !!!

  3. HART (1-800-HART)
    | Reply

    new guest post by singer-songwriter Malea! Dog Days of Summer …

  4. John Sullivan
    | Reply

    RT @PetLvr: new guest post by singer-songwriter Malea! Dog Days of Summer …

  5. Jennifer Williams
    | Reply

    Malea, You are so cool ! Thank You for helping our Humane Society with Your Music. We greatly appreciate your efforts. Please come back & visit us when You are in Ohio.


  6. Special K
    | Reply

    We love You Malea !!! Please keep up the hard work!!! We listen to Close As Air at the shelter 🙂

  7. Jenny
    | Reply

    I loved this blog, it really hit my heart. I am sending it to all my friends on facebook. Thank you Malea !

  8. Malea Fan
    | Reply

    Nice Blog, the more I read the more I like. You are a very talented artist, and look forward to hearing some more new music.

    Thank You,

    Big Fan

  9. Don
    | Reply

    Malea, very cool, I actually learned a couple of thing reading your blog:) Please keep up the hard work!

  10. Dakota
    | Reply

    What you are doing is fantastic. We all greatly appreciate your help. I find your blogs very interesting & unique. I look forward to seeing more from you.

  11. Jennifer
    | Reply

    Yes Malea Yes !!! People need to understand the importance of animals/pets in our lives. I love your blog and really enjoy your music. I’m looking forward to seeing you perform in New York in September 🙂

  12. Indie
    | Reply

    Malea please come back to Ohio! You were fantastic with Kenny Loggins. Thanks again for the free tickets for all of our volunteers 🙂

  13. Big Fan
    | Reply

    You are a wonderful breath of fresh air. We nee more people like you to help us accomplish our goals. I just bought your new album “Close As Air.” You are a very talented Singer/Songwriter. I look forward to meeting you and seeing you perform live.

  14. Oscar
    | Reply

    God Bless You Malea, You are a very special woman doing God’s work. Thank you for helping all of God’s creatures. I really enjoy your music, Tonight is my favorite.

  15. David
    | Reply

    Malea, You Rock !!! I love YOUR Blog 🙂 Thanks for supporting Animals


  16. Alex
    | Reply

    We are very proud of You !!! Great Blog !!!

  17. Annick
    | Reply

    I am so happy to read your blog. I just love your new album, Close As Air 🙂 You need to come perform in Canada 🙂

  18. RuffRuff
    | Reply

    Great Facts, very interesting read 🙂 I am going to get in touch on your website about some fun things we are doing at our Humane Society 🙂

  19. Doug
    | Reply

    Very Cool Blog ! I am very impressed with your music & your work to help animals. Thanks for being so great !

  20. Richard
    | Reply

    A simply entertaining read. I look forward to see what You write about next. I really enjoy your music!

  21. Dick
    | Reply

    I didn’t know that bit about “three dog night” but it makes sense to me, that would be a cold night! As a boomer I should know if that is where the band Three Dog Night got their name?

  22. Amy
    | Reply

    Malea, A wonderful blog, I really enjoyed reading it this month. I look forward to seeing what you write next month.

  23. James
    | Reply


    I can’t wait to read what you have in store for us in your next blog:)


  24. Jessica
    | Reply

    “Dogs are mentioned 14 times in the Bible”. No way! I have no recollection of this from my bible readings! Could you tell me which verses dogs are mentioned? That would be so cool. I hope they are mentioned in a good context.

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