Dog Breeds The Obamas Should Consider

As a PetLvr it’s pretty exciting to think about who the Obamas will picks as their presidential dog.   I think this election cycle it may be more exciting than ever because of the conditions that the Obamas have setup for what they are looking for in a dog.   The conditions are very strict and make the decision a fun challenge to figure out.

First off, President Obama has said that he wants his dog to be a rescue or shelter dog.   That’s not a problem, of course.  There are millions of dogs waiting to be adopted.  But it’s the second condtion that makes this a tough problem:  the Obamas need a hypoallergenic dog breed.

So the challenge is this:  most dogs that end up in shelters and rescues are not hypoallergenic.  Plus, when a dog ends up at a shelter or rescue, it is often hard to document the dog’s ancestry (which is essential for determining whether it is hypoallergenic.)

Having said this, here are seven Hypoallergenic Dogs that I’d like the Obamas to consider adopting:

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