Dog Breeders – Finding the Right One

Dog Breeders – Finding the Right One

by Ginny Woody

While mixed breed puppies make extremely good pets, many people prefer the predictability and specific characteristics of a particular dog breed. So the next question is, where do you find a purebred dog? The best answer is to locate a quality dog breeder. There are many sources to help locate a breeder:

(1)Local Veterinarian
(3)Local Breed Club
(4)Dog Magazine
(5)Local Dog Show
(6)Dog Breeder Directories

One of the most important steps for finding the right breeder is being informed. Bringing a new puppy or dog into your home is a big commitment, no matter which breed you have selected. Before you begin your search for the perfect dog breeder, you should have identified the right breed of dog for your lifestyle. Find out what a good representative of the breed looks like, the typical characteristics of the breed, what type of family situation is best for this breed, whether the breed is good with small children, the elderly, etc

If possible you should be able to visit the breeder’s home. It raises a red flag if the breeder is unwilling to allow visitors. The breeder could be hiding unsanitary conditions or a large quantity of puppies and dogs (commercial breeder). If you are purchasing a puppy that is going to be shipped, ask the breeder to provide current photos of the puppies’ living conditions. Again, if a breeder refuses to do this, consider going to another source, as they may be hiding unfavorable conditions.

Ask the puppy breeder a lot of questions. A conscientious breeder will be able to answer questions about the breed’s temperament, history and overall characteristics. They should be able to answer questions about the puppies’ health and the health of the adult dogs. Ask if the parents have been health or temperament tested. If they have, ask for written proof of the results. Many health test results can be verified on the issuing organizations website. OFA hips and elbow certifications can be verified at Ask if the puppies have had their vaccinations and if your purchase includes a Vet certified health certificate. A quality dog breeder will always offer a written health guarantee. Ask about the terms and conditions of this guarantee. Finally, ask for references from previous puppy owners and from their current veterinarian.

It is also important to point out that purebred “papers” do not guarantee the health and longevity of the dog. The AKC will register any dog that is a result of a breeding between 2 registered dogs, irregardless of the parents health or temperament.

These are just a few suggestions to help you locate a quality dog breeder. If you take the steps to locate a quality dog breeder, it will make the lifelong commitment of your new puppy much easier.

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