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I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Dog Training on facebook! Follow us This video is about canine body language. We discuss the meaning of tail position, wagging, humping, mouthing, hair raised on the back (hackles) and more! There will be more dog body language videos coming and instructional videos. Subsribe to us on youtube,follow us on facebook, or go to our website at

What do you think?

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23 Responses

  1. pavtaaj96
    | Reply


  2. TRAYcee03
    | Reply

    Lol, this was funny! The humping and the mouthing was hilarious. But the tail wagging – GOOD INFO! Thanks =)

  3. sylviasays
    | Reply

    That Dixie is a STAR! A Star I tell ya.

  4. rubberberner
    | Reply

    everybody who takes their dogs to a dog park needs to watch this video. Very entertaining guys, as an owner of a dominant dog, and a submissive dog, you just eaarned a subscriber!

  5. 242DEE
    | Reply

    what if your dogs tail is docked

  6. KoricTheBrave
    | Reply

    man holy crap these videos are awesome considering the fact I wanted to become a dog trainer and wanted ot learn as much as I can about everything these guys really help!

    haha random humping made me laugh XD

  7. rrnsss
    | Reply

    Thank you very much for posting the video. It was extremely educational. Especially for a person like me who has more than 1 dog.

    Your Antics are also entertaining.

    Thank you for your very good videos.

  8. 203066
    | Reply

    @rubberberner I’m with you on this one !!

  9. magicalcrazyness
    | Reply

    @rubberberner Dog parks usually aren’t very safe places to start with. Most aren’t regulated and people bring poorly socialized and sometimes even dogs with resource guarding. Although I stopped bringing my dogs to the dog park, it if good to know when you should be worried about something and stopping it before it escalates or if the it okay and playful.

  10. jdm7nestor
    | Reply

    How can i note my Doberman’s attitude with his tail?

    Thanks beforehand

  11. EratoTiaTuatha
    | Reply

    I absolutely love you guys for posting this video and teaching people(including me of course – didn’t mean to sound too confident about my knowledge;) ) how to understand their dogs before they try to control them.Also,the vid’s awesomely entertaining and really informative.Keep up the great work!By the way,as for your humping the board-I’m not the slightest bit troubled by the fact itself,but I can’t help but ask-why on earth would you try to invite it to play,especially while dominating it? xD

  12. jerilyng
    | Reply


  13. ThePsittacine
    | Reply

    I was confused by your definition -it was vary vague as silly as that sounds-. “in control” generally refers to “control of resources” right? That makes more sense.
    So basically dogs are dominant/submissive to each other to establish good doggie relationships because without them relationships would not work? Okay, so that sounds good but completely different from Dominance Theory (which is a bad theory, this must be where all the confusion comes into play). I feel better educated now. 😀

  14. k91dogtraining
    | Reply

    @ThePsittacine You can watch our video “Dog Culture – Foundation Style Dog Training” for a little more insight to the “control” stuff. Thanks for watching!

  15. Kozhio
    | Reply

    At certain angles during this video, Earl kind of reminded me of Arnold Vosloo. xD

  16. ThePsittacine
    | Reply

    @k91dogtraining The “watch more videos” response is a little discouraging, I was kind of looking for a nodding head telling me I’m getting the gist of the idea…

  17. k91dogtraining
    | Reply

    @ThePsittacine You are getting the idea, but just think you will get the idea even more by watching the “dog culture” video. Especially when it comes to resources. “In Control” also refers to group decisions. Such as when to start and end play. Appreciate the feedback!

    | Reply

    the dog on the board has a larger head to this body size… 🙂

  19. iori5354
    | Reply

    I love these guys!! Entertaining and informative at the same time 😀

  20. MrJennifersusan
    | Reply

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    | Reply

    Dominance = to be in control.
    This is a little vague, but is better than making it equal to aggression.
    Tony Soprano is dominant, but doesn’t need to be aggressive to achieve that. He projects assertive behavior that controls less dominant ‘soldiers’. This is dominance.

  22. MrMastinero
    | Reply

    thx a lot for sharing your knowledge! this is by far the best stuff I found.. thx to you guys my dog (6weeks old pure spanish mastiff girl) already knows 2 commands! awesome!

  23. jb
    | Reply


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