Dog Animal Rescue Fire Brigade Pearson Park Hull City Ice

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought it would be of interest!

Note: information from YouTube

The Fire Brigade bravely rescue a drowning dog from a frozen pond in Pearson Park Kingston Upon Hull. A long time ago, probably at least 10 years.

Please … If you think this video is not appropriate nor related to pet adoption and rescue .. please let HART know via the Contact form. Thank-You

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24 Responses

  1. littlestarfish2007

    pearson park pond is no more than two foot deep he could of just put on a big pair o wellys, hero my arse

  2. wowVideo23

    Should of kept ddog in water so it can die >:}

  3. DirkSchooner

    hehe, I would liked to have filmed that, probably got more hits.

  4. Zonevideo

    hooooooo poor dog . But you see rigth there the trust and love for animal with Humain so cute

  5. DirkSchooner

    From – Independentohya270

    Sorry, accidentally deleted this well informed and thoughtful comment….

    “you son of a bitch. and by the way to the person who filmed this, your evil too. you would like to see a dog die, so you could more views on your stupid youtube videos? people these days have no respect for anyone but themselves. that is why i personally would rather let a person die, then an animal.. especially one of you two. “

  6. charliewilkinson

    IF that was my dog, tie a rope round my waist and chuck me in!! Dont waste time ringing the firebrigade

  7. MichealLitteris

    Oh the Poor thing! its screams sound like that of from a human mouth! apart from one bit it sounds like its freezing.. glad to see the poor little guy got out of there though, wouldnt it be weird if when he pulled it out its bottom half was a rubiks cube.. ! How puzzling a thought! Great vid.. love ya!

  8. spending400000

    if you listen carefully to the pain ridden squeeks its trying to say there is a fire across the street. No one listens to dogs anymore. Three students died for the sake of 1 frozen pooch. Life is cruel in ice.

  9. animalcrueltyhater1

    wowVideo23: shut up faggot

  10. HannahMileyFan4u

    Aw! The poor wittle puppy!

  11. kayteepwr1

    haha i agree, if that was my puppy i’d jump right in after him – i couldn’t bear to hear those cries!!!!

  12. geropa31

    poor dog probably this weiner is frozen xD no but seriously poor thing i love dogs..!!!

  13. TelevisionCOLOGNE

    Thanks well !

  14. foxy1601

    well done on the rescue, However from a pros point of view, where was the PPE. if the ice would have broken how deep was the lake. and what then would have happenend to the FF on the short ex

  15. evikt14

    from 08:00 too 09:00 it sounds like it yelps “come help me” should have ducked its head under first to teach it a lesson. oh yeah animal crultiy

  16. SpiritTwilight


  17. king7wood

    Thank goodness for firemen

  18. Silverinator

    I think the dog was saying, “I don’t have any hands stupid.”

    Nice job.

  19. elushka29

    poor baby

  20. omnilothar

    @331gt But the stair the other end is being hold on the ground, well I hope so, its less pressure on the other tip, so ice wont break easily.

  21. studionightbird0

    these guys have my full respect. Its videos like these that make me glad I’m a human

  22. weatherboi

    I wouldn’t be calling someone rescuing me “stupid”. But I bet he was “dog-gone” cold! Good job in helping this little dog.

  23. 40Rtruss


    Right On!!! Two thumbs up to the Fire Brigade

  24. mycatsylvester

    @kayteepwr1 your so right if that was my dog I would jump in and fricken get him out of there i don’t care how dangerous it would be!