Does your Dog Jump on Everyone? Here's what to Do!

How to stop your dog from Jumping! This video is sponsored by Petflow! Here are the treats I used in today’s video!
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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

15 Responses

  1. Beaux Poils
    | Reply

    Thank you to shoing us that it is not magical. You have to work, but it works. Moreover, you where very funny in this video. 😅

  2. Chrissy Simpson
    | Reply

    Amazing I'm going to use this on my pup border collie he's only just over 3 months old and is very hyper and the exercise before walking too great idea…lots of work ahead of me but I love training him…your tutorials are just brilliant have helped me in other areas with my pup…thanks …

  3. SunshineGaming
    | Reply

    this dog look so hype lol, you cant not to love this dog… and video so funny and not boring… i mean i am only on 3:48 min. right now and realy want to teach my dog how to stop jumping on everyone who comes to the house, he jumps on every one but the family house… and this is my problem i want to fix.. will be tricky to teach him xD

  4. Go-Getter Garage
    | Reply

    he self corrected him self after being judo chopped lmbo great video man beautiful dog

  5. jalapenoshark43
    | Reply

    Would this work on lil bastards as well?

  6. MrNice
    | Reply

    This was really helpful, thankyou so much. My husky boy is pretty big now at 7 months and always jumps up on people and dogs, especially at his obedience classes where he’s so excited by all the dogs and people.

  7. y u do dat?
    | Reply

    That's not Zeus my first blue nose/brindel pit bull. THATS ROCK my first very lovable dog that took care of my kids while they were like 3 running in the middle of the street . U see rock was a mom to my kids.

  8. Jennifer Bright
    | Reply

    very good !

  9. Wheatless
    | Reply

    I don’t have a dog, but this is a really interesting video. And what a good boy

  10. Alan Vieyra
    | Reply

    Damn dude. Four minutes of set up and advertising. Holy balls.

  11. ThisbeandPyramus
    | Reply

    Awful video. Too many commercials then you didn't get to the point. Try talking less. Prepare what you have to say. Then ONLY say the bare minimum and show what the dog does in reaction to your training.

  12. Bushra Topaloglu.
    | Reply

    Hey Zak, could you do a video with a hyper japanese Akita? There are not much videos and I would love to see a video on Akitas who are already grown but were you can still teach them stay – come. My Dog didn‘t had much training with its previous owners, I really trained him a lot with help of your videos and I must say I love it! All I need to do is to really improve his „stay“ and „come“ when he sees other dogs😩. Because he‘s loving other dogs to play with he‘s insanely focused on them and the training doesn‘t work with other dogs 🤣 Hopefully you will see my comment 🙏🏼

  13. firebaboon
    | Reply

    Watching Zeus and Zak together bring me happiness.

  14. Mel
    | Reply

    How often should we train per day? I don't want to overwhelm or frustrate my new pup.

  15. Trippy Tickles
    | Reply

    Thanks for this video. I am working with my lab puppy, and she is so hyper.

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