Do You Look Like Your Dog?

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I found this on the “What Does This Song Mean To Me? (and You!)” blog on the post .. My Dog, A Song, A Game, And A Link!

* From the YouTube Description ..

Have you ever noticed how lots of people look like their dog? Well, this song is all about how people do, featuring dozens of videos and photos of different people with their look alike dogs.

The song was inspired by a book, Website, and game of the same name — Do You Look Like Your Dog? You can see the Website at, where you’ll see over 1000 photos of people who look like their dog from all over the world. There’s also a book with 100 of the best look-alikes, and Do You Look Like Your Dog? game just got published by Briarpatch, which features photos from the book and Website. And if you think you look like your dog, you can always send in your photo and maybe it’ll be in the next book or video.

About this video: It was created by Changemakers Music, which has a Website with other songs at The lyrics and music are by Gini Graham Scott, and it was directed and edited by Tynan Davis, produced by Changemakers Productions ( If you’re interested in recording this song, contact Changemakers Music.

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