Do You Feel Lucky – Punk – Well – Do Ya?

Well, thanks to a friend on … BlogBadly .. I know have a really cool wordpress plugin installed called “Random Redirect“.

Now .. if you get bored, or curious .. all you have to do is click on the top left image of HART’s head (same as the image to your right here) … and you will be RANDOMLY REDIRECTED to one of our older posts in our archives!

Cool, eh? Go Ahead! Try It! Ya Might Get Lucky! 😀

Of course .. [disclaimer] .. there may be some inconsistencies in the archives. If you see anything kooky, or part of the post is missing – please bring it to HART’s attention using the contact form. In the meantime, I will also be randomly surfing older posts and trying to fix anything strange that comes my way. I know with almost 3000 posts in the blog – with about 6 different template versions, there is a lot of kooky template coding besides the issue with the archive content itself.

PS: If you were worried that this was the only way to get to the “Home” position … you can always get to the starting home URL by clicking the name of the site, just above our tagline.


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  1. Daniel
    | Reply

    Thanks for bring that plug in into the light for me. Think its a great idea and will help the number of page views if you have a lot of visitors clicking it.

    Once I break the 100 post mark I plan on adding it.

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