Jordan Walker says that his household is livelier because of their pets. He does not only love talking about them but also writes about these in Coops and Cages and in blogs like this one. In this article, he will be talking about the qualities needed to become a responsible pet owner.

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Many want it, but not all deserve to have it. For some strange reason, there is something very alluring about bringing home a small puppy or cat. Aren’t these so cute? Even their tiny barks and meows are so adorable. But what happens when these are no longer the small pets that they are? Yes, pet ownership may look like an easy path. People get to be happier, their health could improve, someone can entertain the small kids, and for the lucky ones who get a pet with a beautiful coat, the instant fix to a missing beautiful piece of rug on the floor. But wait! Are these the only ones that people should consider when buying a pet? How about their own qualifications?

Qualifications for the Role Model Pet Owner Award

What are the things that will most probably make someone be the best pet owner for domesticated animals like cats and dogs? These are just of the qualities that pets may need from their owners.


  1. Committed. Those who are only looking for a month’s affair may not be the perfect fit for pets. Pets could live for several years. The common problem with some owners is that after pets are no longer the cute adorable small animals that they used to be, they now start ignoring these. Getting a pet requires a commitment similar to that of having a child and even more. While kids will be able to fend for themselves when they grow older, domesticated animals are dependent on human companions for the rest of their lives.
  2. Loving. Pets need more than basic needs in order to be considered healthy. Just like humans, they need to be nurtured emotionally. If people suffer can suffer from depression, separation anxiety and loneliness, pets could also feel the same when not given attention. How to show love for pets? Interacting, touching it, and playtime with owners are just some of these.
  3. Sensitive. The art of speaking is a talent that is not common in many pets. That is why it can be difficult to tell if this feeling down or ill at times. Pet owners should take the time to get to know their pets more. This way, they will be better equipped to pick out uncommon habits that have suddenly developed in the past few days. These could be indicators that pet may have special needs that need to be met the soonest time possible.
  4. Understandable. Having a pet is not always a happy life. Litter training is not a guarantee that urine or stool will not find its way on the floor. Owners will need to understand that a pet is capable of making a lot or mistakes. And no doubt, there will probably be more than one for its lifetime.
  5. Patient. No pet dog has been gifted with the instinct to sit when told to do, much less wait for its owner’s signal before digging into a bowl of pet food. In order to train pet to do the things asked of it, repetition is required. Owners may need to devote more than 15 minutes of their time each day in order to get desired results.
  6. Financially Capable. Pet food, pet housing, vet visits, shampoos, and combs- these are just some of the things that pets need. And these things come with a monetary price. Failing to feed pet with food packed with essential nutrients, pet being forced to sleep in a space where they can barely move, and not getting expert help when they are ill are all signs of pet abuse.

Getting the Basics Right

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  1. Neutering or spaying could be essential. For pets like dogs, neutering could be needed especially if owners plan to take them on daily walks around the neighborhood. Pets are genetically inclined to be territorial. Those that are not neutered are usually the ones dragging their owner around while leaving urine marks all over the place. Neutering and spaying benefits also include longer life for pet and reduced risk of testicular cancer.
  2. Proof house for new pet. It’s also one of the responsibilities of owners to make sure that their house is deemed safe for pets. A pet can get a bit curious just like a kid. Household items such as cleaners should never be ingested by pets. Dangerous chemicals such as these need to be locked inside a safe place. Similarly, there may be toxic plants growing in the backyard and are best pulled out for pet’s sake.
  3. There’s a bigger world outside. Some pets may need more than just the presence of their human companions to make them happy. The outside world for pet dogs will allow them to have social contact with other canine friends. Of course, these may need lessons in social conduct before doing so.
  4. It needs to look good too. If pet does not smell or look good, this will look bad for owners. Responsible pet ownership also means taking the time to groom pet. Besides, if there are smelly animal companions inside the house, the air circulating inside it will definitely smell too.

When Not to Consider Having a Pet

People should also be able to know when getting a pet is a bad idea for them. Yes, Paris Hilton looks good travelling with a pet Chihuahua and some girls may think that this is the ultimate fashion accessory. But pets are living companions and are not substitutes to expensive jewelry. For those who would rather be alone, are always travelling, wary of grief due to death and cleanliness addicts, they should consider getting a pet more than twice. Pets could be needy depending on breed, will probably have a shorter lifespan than its owner, will need to be fed more than once a day, and mess up its pet house or the whole family house too.

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