Disgusting Dog Behavior and What You Can Do to Put a Stop to It

Disgusting Dog Behavior and What You Can Do to Put a Stop to It

By Jane Kraynyk

Dogs, I’m sure you’ll agree, can exhibit some fairly bizarre behaviors. A few of them are down right disgusting! Lots of dog owners around the world look at these odd but common dog behaviors and scratching their heads in confusion, asks themselves just why their dog is doing this? The first thing we need to do is to understand the reasons behind these unwanted behaviors in order to be able to successfully put a stop to them.

Let’s first look at the age old problem of garbage can raiding. Not only is this dog behavior disgusting it can be quite annoying coming home to a huge mess of eggshells, coffee grinds, food stains and shredded wrappers strewn everywhere that you have to clean up. Why dos your dog do this? One simple answer could be he’s hungry. Your dog probably smelled something delicious that you threw out and was bound and determined to get a hold of it.

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