Dinovite’s Homemade Dog Diet

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


YouTube Description

Join Dinovite’s owners, Ed & Cindy, as they show you how they feed their dogs at home…

What do you think?

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7 Responses

  1. WeLoveDinovite
    | Reply

    If this was helpful, don’t forget to “Like” this video! Thanks!

  2. WeLoveDinovite
    | Reply

    If you are using Dinovite powder supplements, it would be approximately 7-8 tablespoons, instead of using Dinovite Liquid.

  3. SilverAxela57
    | Reply

    What would you recommend as a raw diet for an 80lb and 50lb dog? I estimated the cost of doing this receipt to be about $240/month. I’d love to get as healthy/happy of a life as possible!

  4. WeLoveDinovite
    | Reply

    @SilverAxela57 Great question! Check out “Response to Question about Dinovite’s Homemade Dog Diet” to see my answer 🙂

  5. leelfm
    | Reply

    Can you switch a dog to a raw food diet suddenly? Or do they need to slowly transition from dry food? Thanks!

  6. WeLoveDinovite
    | Reply

    @leelfm I would definitely recommend slowly transitioning to the raw diet. Try 1/4 raw diet & 3/4 of the current food for a week. Then just keep adding 1/4 of the raw diet & cut out 1/4 of their current food until it’s just the raw diet. – Josh

  7. leelfm
    | Reply

    @WeLoveDinovite Thanks!

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