dinner for one – funny dog version

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


YouTube Description

very inventive person dresses up a dog, and using his hands feeds him. Creative and fun 🙂 For more videos, make sure you visit www.todaysbestvideo.blogspot.com

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. klops04
    | Reply

    Mr labrador jajajja

  2. fire6koz
    | Reply

    I “Like” it a lot!!!! best video ever!!! =D

  3. pana13giotis
    | Reply

    FAKE !!!!

  4. Matej1the1dinosaur22
    | Reply

    @pana13giotis well YEA. what did you expected. a dog with real hands.

  5. MrHelloyourface
    | Reply


  6. DeejaySandKilla
    | Reply

    /watch?v=EnhC1TR3Wh4 FAIL

  7. thomas9060
    | Reply

    stupid music

  8. LeKouz
    | Reply

    from where is the music? Artist? Title?

  9. MrKrissi2000
    | Reply

    lol XD

  10. ActionJackson9696
    | Reply

    o my god we are all dead

  11. BanjoDexterBand
    | Reply

    Anybody knows the title of the track in this vid … ?
    Greethings from Poland, the home of dinner eating dogs !!!

  12. truthserum2000
    | Reply

    funny, Check out my video for “Buy a Dog” from the San Francisco band called Luce, enjoy

  13. themiyyu
    | Reply

    009 sound system – beat of the moment

  14. derbigpr500
    | Reply

    Ahhh come on , why does everyone on youtube have the need to RUIN other peoples videos by putting music over it… ffs.

  15. zodiaoven
    | Reply


  16. holton620
    | Reply

    Did your dog throw up the illuminati sign?

  17. SesayyBrookay804
    | Reply


  18. schultz970
    | Reply

    Dogs provide so much joy, happiness and laughter.

  19. brainslks
    | Reply

    That dog… He’s got… HUMAN HANDS!
    Some sort of human-animal hybrid I guess?

  20. MrLolokarl
    | Reply

    2 dogs in restaurant

  21. pimakilledsuki
    | Reply


  22. brooke11001
    | Reply

    this is retarded

  23. NoahJedi895
    | Reply

    id tap that

  24. BigEarn100
    | Reply

    awesome, but this is not the original one!!! the original is from juventasquentin called “Joris beim Dinner for One – Original”. you can see it on myvideo.de since 1997 and now on youtube. there are a lot of copys from this movie on youtube. If you like it, please click the original one. thank you!

  25. kaolcom1
    | Reply

    So stupid

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