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My name is Derek Wood. I will only take a moment of your time and will make my introduction short.

I am a new contributor here at PetLvr’s. I consider myself to be a true pet enthusiast and friend. I like all animals, and have not found one that I considered to be bad. I enjoy the company of any animal and like cats, dogs, hamsters, snakes, and pretty much anything else.

All the dogs I have owned personally have been large breed dogs including Alaskan Malamutes, German Shepherds and Siberian Huskies. I am a big guy at 6’4″ and like big dogs. That is just my personal preference. However I love all pets just the same. My family has owned other dogs and cats to include golden retrievers, Yorkies, mixed breeds, mutts, and some that were indeterminable.

I presently own two lovely East German Shepherds named Axel and Abie. (pictures to come later)

As part of my pet ownership I have also bred and trained my own pets for more then 20 years. I am a whole-hearted enthusiast for humane and positive reinforcement training techniques. I am also an adamant believer in the abilities of animals to communicate to us, if we learn how to listen.

I consider myself to have been fortunate enough to have had loving, caring pets that have meant the world to me. My dogs are not my pets, but are considered to be among my children. They occupy a special place in my heart, as I hope your pet’s do yours.

In the near future I will be providing content and articles to the PetLvr’s website. This information will sometimes include tips on how to train your pets, it may include common health related issues for your pet, and most of all, it will include my own personal insights into the minds and worlds of your pets.

I hope you will find this information to be helpful and informative. If you have any topics that you wish to discuss, please drop me a note or add a comment to my postings. I look forward to hearing from everyone.

– Derek Wood – Lifelong PetLvr

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  1. HART (1-800-HART)
    | Reply

    Well, I’m sure that I won’t be the only one looking forward to reading your articles … and seeing some pictures of Axel and Abie!

    Welcome Derek! Nice to have you contributing at – [The Blog].


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