Dear Lucky- Cancun Animal Rescue

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought it would be of interest!

Note: information from YouTube

Sophie & Emma of Cancun Animal Rescue Animal Fair Magazine and Wendy and Lucky Diamond Travel to cancun to visit with Sophie & Emma of Cancun Animal Rescue Don’t miss Wendy and Lucky starring on their new show Greatest American Dog; Airing Thursdays on CBS.

Please … If you think this video is not appropriate nor related to pet adoption and rescue .. please let HART know via the Contact form. Thank-You

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25 Responses

  1. chichimilo

    Your amazing, THANK YOU!

  2. taiz0rz

    bless your hearts

  3. taiz0rz

    bless your hearts!

  4. Soyoni

    I honestly hate/scared dogs. But I think it’s wonderful that their doing this and their very kinda. 🙂

  5. 17Slaves

    So cute, I like that little taco dog.

  6. rockstar4ever

    i agree with you completely

  7. AzureBIiss


  8. CancunAnimalRescue

    Thank’s alot means alot to us, hopefully help will come so we can do even more.


  9. CancunAnimalRescue

    Thanks alot.


  10. svtcontour

    Your organization and all of you are wonderful. Thank you for doing this. THey animals thank you I’m sure.

  11. tt1512

    sophie is like family to me (james morin and thank you for help those animal)sai hi to patrick for me

  12. gemvault77

    sad: (
    all of the people who hert animals should drop dead

  13. mollym1963

    Hi Sophie & Emma, its Julie from England. I was so pleased to finally meet you both in person yesterday. The work you do for these poor animals is amazing. I hope that this an other publicity stints get you recognition and funds you so badly need.Your dedication to treat, feed, nueter and sterlize these cats and dogs is beyond just compassion. You are true angels and will be rewarded in heaven for your tireless campaign to save animals. PEOPLE please donate today, help them to help the animals.

  14. karlaveronic

    Hola, tengo la fortuna de haberme encontrado con Sophie en mi camino y adoptar un perrito de casi dos meses, que además de estar bien cuidado, esta lindísimo y bien educado. Las felicito por esta labor tan grande que relaizan y mil gracias por mi pequeño Robbie

  15. karlaveronic

    Mil gracias por la oportunidad que me dieron de adoptar un cachorrito estupendo, muy lindo, sano y bien cuidado, las felicito por la labor tan importante que relizan.

  16. thehillroom302

    Beautiful women, the world needs many more people like this. Thank You for the selfless work you do.

  17. becful21

    good stuff!!! watch EARTHLINGS if you like animals!! it’s a great documentary!

  18. Skywardbound

    Great JOb. wish there was more people in the world like you. Please Keep up the good work.

  19. tofleg10

    Super !!!
    Kris (Poland)

  20. 1221solstice2012

    These ladies are true angels! Thank you. Dogs are the epitome of love, loyalty, and companionship; for them to be cruelly thrown away and left to fend for themselves is truly horrible.

  21. 555kana

    Thank you for doing this !!!!!!!!

  22. adfasffs

    if i were there i’d definitely be helping out. in my country i help feed stray dogs as well and the best we can do for these strays is sterilize them so they dont breed and continue on with more and more dogs in the streets. what i really hope is that more ppl will help out in countries where they really dont give 2 hoots about dogs like the muslim countries and countries and other poorer asian countries. I was in malaysia once and the state of the dogs there were awful.

  23. TheMia168

    I wish we could ship all those irresponsible pet owners to deserted islands and left them there without food and water, so they might finally realize what they did to those poor animals.

  24. beteroo

    Nice !
    “Happy people healthy animal healthy children! “

  25. carofinalcut

    wow, thank you. I rescue animals too in México city, and is almost impossible with all the bad people around. Every time I wanna rescue more, but is neccesary the help of others. Great job. Congratlations.