Dare to Compare the Scottish Terrier

Dare to Compare the Scottish Terrier

By Blake Kritzberg

The Scottish Terrier is a big favorite among dog lovers and has been for some time, ranking well in the AKC popularity charts. Everyone recognizes the Scotty on sight, and he’s well known as a solid companion to both adults and children.

The Scottish Terrier is warm-hearted, discreet, sociable, brave, and prone to keeping a sharp eye on family activities. He isn’t as loud or reactive as some of the other terriers, so when he’s well trained, your eardrums should remain intact. The average Scottish Terrier weighs about 20 pounds. Unlike some terriers, his tail is left natural, not cut.

His convenient size, cheerful outlook and dramatic coloring has helped make the Scotty the popular all-around favorite he is today. Scotties come in many colors, from the classic solid black (with a red tartan bow, of course!) to wheaton and brindle. White patches or markings are a fault.

You’ll need to take your Scotty to the groomer’s several times a year. If you do, this minimal investment in appearance will pay off in a sharp-looking dog. But woe to owners who don’t take even that much care with the Scotty’s coat! Your poor pet will itch with matted dead hair that he’ll trail all over the house.

Occasionally, your Scotty will go through something resembling a molting process, in which case you’ll need him clipped quite short indeed. You can do this yourself or take him to a groomer, but it’s always a good idea to have a professional give you some tips if you opt to do it yourself.

The basic Scotty trim cuts the hair close on the head, neck, shoulders and body, but leaves ample fur on the lower parts, creating that distinctive and very attractive Scotty shape. This simple trim leads to a really nice-looking dog.

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