Dancing Dog (Old School)

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


YouTube Description

Dancing dog, dancing dog, dancing dog! Just a random funny video of my dog dancing Click to Tweet this! clicktotweet.com Comment below on whether you think this shot is real or fake! (aka where any vfx used?)

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. icewarior1
    | Reply


  2. Jaimetud
    | Reply


  3. lukehildreth
    | Reply

    lol wtf

  4. ChaoticMatters
    | Reply

    lol reminds me of those commercials when the dogs act like humans

  5. Alejo77H
    | Reply

    We need a tutorial of this video!!!

  6. FamilyFirstJ
    | Reply

    Lol…you are a fool

  7. mrvladycastellanos
    | Reply

    I wish it was longer. still very funny! 🙂

  8. carmineglitch
    | Reply

    Honestly it looks like VFX werent used at all, it looks like you just had the dog on the back of the dancer, with his head sticking out o/O

  9. CamJvideo
    | Reply

    AUDIOJUNGLE??? Did not buy it?

  10. HofnarCreations
    | Reply

    i swear he looks like fantastic mr fox

  11. cassiel16
    | Reply

    are u going to make a tutorial for this XD ?

  12. blondecrazygaijin
    | Reply

    excellent!! ^_^

  13. slushiegum
    | Reply

    that dog has one HUGE tit!!!

  14. KevinFilmMaster
    | Reply

    fake, I’m sure of it! The orange in the beginning and the dog head at the end!

  15. iBotzProductions
    | Reply

    think he just put the dog in his jacket 😛

  16. redrick21
    | Reply

    yall gettin baited! I was there! dis shi as real as it gets doeeee!!!

  17. voniak289
    | Reply

    @slushiegum unfortunately it might be a tumor

  18. ItsNotASecretonMC
    | Reply

    umm, wtf

  19. MrGeloness
    | Reply

    tutorial! lol

  20. ikvon
    | Reply


  21. L3ctronik
    | Reply

    Why did i laugh?!

  22. Carebeer
    | Reply

    please show more of dancing dog. dancing.

  23. ChaoticMatters
    | Reply

    I think the color of the hands are changed but thats it

  24. BeansAndBaskets
    | Reply


  25. mutantedesnudo
    | Reply


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