Dancing bears rescue PART 1

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought it would be of interest!

Note: information from YouTube


The trade in dancing bears has been illegal in India since 1972, but bears are still beaten and mutilated to force them to ‘dance.’ International Animal Rescue works with Indian partners Wildlife SOS to end this barbaric practice and cares for the bears in sanctuaries throughout India. For more information, please visit: www.internationalanimalrescue.org

Please … If you think this video is not appropriate nor related to pet adoption and rescue .. please let HART know via the Contact form. Thank-You

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23 Responses

  1. suziiwong1

    so u think its right to make money by torturing animals?? pierce a rope through ur nose and see if you feel any pain idiot, of course they have a choice.

  2. sebnho

    if i ever go to India and see this cruelty, i will personally go up to the poacher and knock his teeth OUT

  3. Mancholas

    Dancing bears is a crime !! We must end this !

  4. no1horselover

    What really pisses me off is not only how someone could treat an animal like this but also the fact that people are actually paying this guy for abusing the bear!
    What the hells wrong with them? how can they find this entertaining? If they didnt give him money he wouldnt do it.

  5. amywilliams95

    And these are some of the many reasons i wouldn’t go to India. If i ever actually seen this happen i think I would go over and hurt them twats,

  6. emotionalfriendone43

    It’s clear to me that everyone in this thread has to be vegan who knows that killing any kind of animal for any reason other than self defense is just as cruel as what is happening to these bears.

  7. flipkid6222

    i think if i ever went to india or anywhere else. i’d have to beat the shit out of the person responsible. regardless of what they have to do for money. they can find another way. and emotionalfriend… im not a vegan. i choose to eat meat that has been killed humanly.

  8. trixielikespie

    its cruel that they put the bears through such pain, but even crueler that people pay to see it!

  9. sjaineandc

    I hate such environmental agencies. Just crappy propaganda with no base or logic. Do you really think any of these people think twice before slaughtering a cow or chicken or pig or turkey to eat?
    There are HUMANS in India who live in worst conditions than these bears. They should raise funds for those.

  10. RPSHammond

    @sebnho. well im with u on that one 😉

  11. RPSHammond

    good people- helping the bears 😉

  12. torryboy3

    thoose bears are so cool…

    Wish we had some in Norway 😀

  13. dennny29rev

    ( i don’t speak english but i want to give my opinion)

    i think the problem is that there are people who pay for that kind of show, im sure that “dancing bears” wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t a way to get money, and people who currently does that torturing would have to find other way to gain money, but unfortunately there aren’t much ways for poor people…it’s like anyother animal amusement, it exist because there are people who likes watch that,

  14. 7Fara

    @sjaineandc Well Mr S, I also live in what they call an “emerging country”, with huge challenges in terms of human development. As a result, environmental protection is always on the bottom line of priorities. I live on a small island where the rich can always buy imported food, only the poor suffer from bad crops – wake up brother, environmental agencies are not just saving bears, they are a much needed wake up call for us all, advocating a sustainable and equitable way of life for all beings

  15. TheCatholic143

    The 2 people who disliked this video are going have their nose pierced in the future.

  16. BIFanen4ever

    of course, is sick in your heads can not just mistreat animals on the way in are no pigs die in hell

  17. alstan25

    eeh. we do worst in american farms

  18. cmains180

    this makes me want to cry:'(

  19. MrChupacabraLoco


    I’m sure you would, Mr. Internet Tough Guy.

  20. thanio2

    @MrChupacabraLoco you cant serve to Gods so if you have such hatred for animals you may as well worship the devil Jesus said if your going to love half way then just go the other side because you cant do both and do either side justice on the side of love where we experience heaven we love every creature God created there is no need for this abuse of the animals God blessed us with

  21. Glen5669

    I don’t get how people can be entertained by a bear with a rope through it’s nose, in pain, being forced to dance..

  22. riemertje

    that people have no feeling…..
    i want to see a “trainer” with a rope trough his nose

  23. thugzinthahood

    ich finde das is tierquälerei ….. der bär hat ein seil IN der schnauze , ist überall gefesselt …. und hat keine krallen mehr