CuteWinFail: Like Baby, Like Dog

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

A father plays Simon Says with his daughter–and his dog! See who follow commands better. For more CuteWinFail clips subscribe here Roll over:

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. gtsshadowknight
    | Reply

    So … Which is the dogs name and which is the girls name………

  2. HenTodolo
    | Reply

    parenting fail

  3. stephthomo
    | Reply


  4. xLenaNguyen
    | Reply

    Aww ^^ I like how the dog moved out of the way to continue rolling <3 adorable

  5. LoveMeSomeSarcasm
    | Reply

    “Get this amateur out of my way!”

  6. reilly1288
    | Reply

    That’s a cute win!

  7. musicequalslifebk
    | Reply

    @Shadowshamer I was thinking the same thing awesome dog.

  8. misssupreme
    | Reply

    I love that he relocated his roll! My pug is definitely not that clever lol.

  9. bigWILLbaseball32
    | Reply


  10. lobbiester
    | Reply

    @EmiGoesRawrr I. Don’t. Care. It’s the internet. Besides, the original comment was a statement.

  11. EmiGoesRawrr
    | Reply

    @lobbiester lol u mad?

  12. zavok
    | Reply

    0:19 dogs liek o no this isnt gona be a fail *moves reroll* it shall be a cute

  13. ichwarmitlegion
    | Reply

    0:19 I CANT STOP LAUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Huddy231
    | Reply

    That’s a Dog steam roll girl cute. Next clip Steven!

  15. ScissorHand26
    | Reply

    “Do a barrel roll!”

  16. blonde76
    | Reply

    Omg that was so cute

  17. deedeegr100
    | Reply

    what kind of name is beezbee?

  18. cooldudenibb
    | Reply


  19. TianasLife
    | Reply

    This is how I roll

  20. GingerKidsMustDie
    | Reply

    0:29 dog is like – the fuck, she sucks

  21. Alan101L
    | Reply

    @Shadowshamer Its funny how hey like moves forwards and then jumps on his hip and rolls XD

  22. glowworm2
    | Reply

    I think the little girl needs more time at obedience school

  23. lawilson1980
    | Reply


  24. eiame77
    | Reply

    the dog is smarter than the little girl lmao

  25. pokerchip12321
    | Reply


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