Custom Pet Portrait – A Loving Gift Idea to Last a Lifetime

Custom Pet Portrait – A Loving Gift Idea to Last a Lifetime

By Allan Holder

A custom pet portrait will hold a special place in the heart of the person who receives it. It is a loving gift that will create memories to last a lifetime. Whether it is of a current pet or of one who has passed away, a custom pet portrait can be given as a unique gift to commemorate any occasion.

Unique Gift Ideas Commissioning a custom pet portrait is a great birthday gift idea and would make a unique Christmas gift. Something with the special meaning that is enclosed in a pet portrait would even work for smaller occasions such as a housewarming gift. If someone you care about have a much-loved pet in their lives, it may be worth the effort and expense to have an oil painting made from a photo of that pet.

Painting from a Photo Almost any pet photo is able to be translated into an oil painting. A simple snapshot may be good enough, but be sure that it is clear and does not have a lot of background distractions. Another idea would be to have a professional photo taken and use that for the oil painting portrait.

While many artists are capable of rendering an oil painting from a photo, its important to choose an artist who is well-verse in painting pets. An oil painting on canvas is able to be produced by many artists; however, there are many artists who specialize specifically in custom pet portraits. A professional painter whose specialty is painting pets will be able to capture the true likeness, expressions and personality of a much-loved pet. This is important as a custom pet portrait will be cherished for many years by the person who receives it.

Add Spice to your Gift As part of a great Christmas gift idea, an artist may be able to manipulate the background and include seasonal elements such as a tree or themed decorations or even add specialty items to the pet itself, such as a small hat. Before choosing a particular artist to render an oil painting from a photo of a pet, take a look at their portfolio of work to see what else they have done and how you feel it has turned out.

A canvas oil painting is a classy way to present a timeless gift that the received will always remember. Whether it is used as a birthday gift idea or for another occasion, the effort and expense will be worth being able to give a gift that will be cherished and loved by someone you care for. It will speak volumes about not only your feelings for them, but also show that you understand their love for their pet.

Allan Holder is the founder and owner of My Picture Painter Oil Paintings: which is a site dedicated to the revival of the lost art of portrait painting. In today’s fast paced world, sitting for a portrait painting is simply not practical. We allows the user to submit a photo to our network of talented artists who will paint a personal oil painting from your photo.

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