Custom Cat Litter Box Made Simple – DIY

How to make a custom cat litter box so that your dogs can’t get to it, while keeping cleaning up as painless as possible. More info:

How to make a custom litter box so that your dogs can’t get to it, while keeping cleaning up as painless as possible.

I used the largest plastic tote I could find and another that would fit inside. You just need to go to the store and see what they have as every store has different items. There are several different methods you can use to cut the opening. I used sheetmetal cutters, but you could also use a soldering iron to make the edges smoother.

I have large dogs, so making the opening in the front is not a problem. If you have small dogs, maybe try putting the opening on the top and placing the containers on a sturdy table (i.e. a coffee table you can pick up at a garage sale).

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18 Responses

  1. Adreanna Saephan
    | Reply

    how do you stop the odor from stinking up the box??

  2. David S.
    | Reply

    Dogs are nasty eating feces!

  3. IMr LAPS
    | Reply

    The entry has to be low, thats a big mistake she made, making it high. Kittens, injured cats, and older cats cant get into this. You can see in this video her young adult cat even had a hard time getting into it from the front. He has to crawl low to get in the first door then jump high to get into the second, all within a small distance from each other, AND since it has a ceiling to it thats gonna be even MORE uncomfortable. A low entry is necessary.

  4. TheTubePortal
    | Reply

    My cat pees standing up which makes it go almost everywhere but the litterbox. I purchased a transparent tub similar to the one she uses here, 16 inches in height, and cut off half of the front on one of the short sides using a Dremel tool. Using a Dremel is quicker, neater, and makes it so that the edges of the cut plastic aren't sharp. It's better to use just one tub instead of two. As long as it's the proper size for your cat it will work just as well, and be more aesthetically pleasing.

  5. Mr. Cushman
    | Reply

    omg love it

  6. Marie Weems
    | Reply

    To me, the opening looks too small and the edges look sharp..And, how many inches of litter can you put in the bottom? looks too shallow to me with our five kitties..

  7. Cat 52
    | Reply

    What is the size of this container tub?

  8. Jacqueline Druga
    | Reply

    Your cat is so cute

  9. Rita Cardenas
    | Reply

    Great idea, Thank you for sharing

  10. Cindy Lynn Gagnon
    | Reply

    What a cute cat!

  11. lu angel
    | Reply

    This is great! what size boxes do i shop for? just got a puppy and this is driving me and my cats crazy. thanku!

  12. BiteME8itch
    | Reply

    if you take a Rubbermaid tub, and cut a circle on the lid (not in the middle), put litter inside it's so much easier. not 5 different compartment. they jump in and out and then it's done

  13. Omalley Cool
    | Reply

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  14. fucker
    | Reply

    poor little fucker.

  15. Nazo
    | Reply

    Hop in, hop out…. she's a cat not a bunny. Poor cat, theirs no room for her to jump. Its not the ideal cat litter a cat would like.. tbh. Would you like it if humans had to go in a closet, then hop in a box to reach the bathroom?

    Just saying ♡

  16. dr Strangelove
    | Reply

    i stole the sand from my schools playground

  17. Dan Shriver
    | Reply

    I love Gizmo!  She looks like a large version of my Pounce de Leon, and trills like Pounce de Leon (though she always ends a trill with "eown!")

  18. thalia1024
    | Reply

    Omg what a coincidence, my babies name is Gizmo too, cute kitty 😸

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