Create A Healthy Environment for Your Cat

Create A Healthy Environment for Your Cat

By Paul Hegarty

Start by keeping your cat free of fleas and ticks. This is often more challenging in the outdoor cat. Be persistent and try various flea and tick products to find one that gives good results. Remember to also treat and clean your cats bed once a week to reduce fleas. Vacuum your carpets especially where your cat likes to sleep. If your cat or home seem to be heavily infested consult your veterinarian for advice and alternatives.

Cats like to be clean and will usually attract your attention in one way or another when the litter box is overdue for a cleaning. Our cats will whine and fuss in the early morning to be let outside rather than use a smelly litter box. Our cats are also quite happy to use the bathroom floor or shower as an alternative. Thankfully we learned this communication method early on and have managed to meet their need in keeping the litter box clean and fresh. Some cats will scratch around in a dirty litter box and keep scratching for a while with the sand going everywhere. That is there form of communication. Even if the litter box looks clean, is clean of clumped litter, it may still smell of urine and will need a thorough wash and new litter to meet your cats standards.

Observing your cat on a daily basis, knowing its habits and personality will help you detect any changes. Noting any changes in your cat early can prevent future health concerns. Have cuddle time with your cat where you gently inspect its overall condition. Learn to look for any signs of illness such as fever or a dull coat. If your cat is not showing any specific signs, but you know he is simply not himself, there is no harm in calling your veterinarian for advice.

Taking time to create a healthy environment for you and your cat will enhance your relationship, keeping your cat comfortable and content. Remember a healthy cat is a happy cat.

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