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Let’s face it. Blogging is here to stay. I read somewhere (sorry, can’t remember the links to prove it) that Blogging accounts for Google’s traffic about 10% and that approximately 5-6% of all internet users actively read Blogs.

For those of you not familiar with the term “Blog”, it come from the words Web + Log. Mostly you are familiar with personal blogs out there .. “Oh, I’m in this mood” “I’m listening to this music” “I did this today” “Everybody hates me” .. Etc.

But, you are probably not familiar why Blogs are so popular. Why blogs are so popular, is that you don’t really have to go to a webpage anymore to read the blog. There are just too many websites out there! Technology has come up with an answer.

What blogs does now is offer the readers another choice to keep current on the blog .. with thing called the XML/RSS feed. You need a new browser, called a newsreader, and what the reader does is scan all of these XML/RSS sites to see if any new posts or entries have been made, and retrieves it for you in the newsreader browser window. The XML/RSS feed is basically a URL. If you look on the left, we have a feed too. Feel free to click on it, and add it to your newsreader.

By the way … I use the free one from to scour the internet myself.

Not only blogs are using this, but all the major news websites too. Gone are the days that you have to sign up for ‘Email updates’ to find out what happened from your favorite news source .. you can get up to the minute updates in your newsreader. Not only that, with search engines and other other news sites, you can even tailer your news feeds to be more topic-specific and less generalized with all the daily news headings.

Another thing that is why Blogs are getting more popular, in my humble opinion, is their ability to add content to these blogs online – you don’t need to hire a webmaster anymore. Blogs can be updated from anywhere with content. Also, it seems (I could be wrong) that since Google started offering free blogs at there are more creative looking blogs out there. Sometimes, you can be surfing to a website, and you don’t even realize it is a Blog. It looks exactly like any other website out there. So, for those surfers that try to avoid Blogs “just because it’s a blog”, they might find out they like them … and enjoy reading blogs.

Well – That is my goal for this site – PapillonLvr – [The Blog] …

I hope that this blog becomes a valuable resource, or at least an entertaining website, for people who have pets and other animals or just love them. The more information that is here and more people want to read this blog, then I figure more people will want to add OUR XML/RSS feed to their newsreader!

Granted, I am an Earthling – but, I cannot do this Blog alone. I am currently searching daily for interesting animal related stories and tips and when I do, I will add them to my The Blog. But I need your help.

If you want to be a contributor to this blog, and write stories about your pets, or other animal interest stories, or provide links to news in your local areas or even around the world .. then please send an email to me stating so, and I will invite you to be a founding member of this blog …

If you do not want to be a contributor to this blog, but have your own animal-related blog and want a reciprocal linking to happen … then please send an emailt me stating so, and I will try to post your Blog URL on this website in exchange for a duplicate link on your website.

Also, if you just want to add or debate any topic or posting here in the blog, I invite you to add a comment, seen from a link below every post.

Thanks to all for reading.

Take care.

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