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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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36 Responses

  1. JordPlaysGames
    | Reply

    Dalmatian puppys are best 

  2. crapodopalese
    | Reply

    Why do they not use a clicker?

  3. aaron safi
    | Reply

    tied with labradors!

  4. MrBooboonator
    | Reply

    Mini aussie/Corgi is the cutest ever! lol 

  5. Caitlin Peacock
    | Reply

    I’ve never actually done drills on “come” with my dog, I just do it
    randomly throughout the day, when I’m at the park, on a walk, etc. I think
    it helps him understand that he needs to come where I ask whenever I ask. I
    try to call him to me before he sees a distraction. Then I show him the
    distraction but I keep rewarding him whenever he is looking at the
    distraction and staying with me at the same time. 

  6. IisRainicorn Jew
    | Reply

    YES YES THEY ARE ZAK yes they are

  7. Julia Parrott
    | Reply

    yes they are

  8. EvelineUK
    | Reply

    Can I just say I’m loving these new hands on training videos? I remember
    back in the day when you’d get comments (from me as well) that you were
    using dogs who were obviously already trained, this is such a great way of
    showing all the steps in training a new dog who is still learning. Thank

  9. Sarah'sPetPalac e
    | Reply

    I think that St. Bernard puppies are really cute!

  10. Heather Hofferson Woozworld Reporter
    | Reply

    Pomeranians are they cutest dogs :)

  11. Brian Salazar
    | Reply

    Question got a french bulldog puppy 10 weeks old. How soon should I potty
    train him outside. I live in an apt complex and I’m afraid to take him out
    when he only had his first round of shots.

  12. Yima liam
    | Reply

    My 4 month old Chihuahua Luna ignores me when i call her she seems
    careless: (

  13. Gutu Marius
    | Reply


  14. HunterKids
    | Reply

    No boxers are the cutest

  15. LovelyCute Webkinz
    | Reply

    I luv this video! I am sure it will help with my new puppy Holly!
    Corgis are really cute but my dog Holly is my number 1

  16. Eddie Harris
    | Reply

    no there arnt

  17. Dan Davie
    | Reply

    SAVE MY DOG FROM A SHOCK COLLAR! She is a 6 month old working border
    collie and will not stop chasing cars, I’m certain she’s going to either
    get killed or cause an accident. I’ve followed all the recommendations for
    positive trainig including clicker training, rewarding with high value
    treats for NOT chasing (on a leash) and nothing stops her. Will a shock
    collar work? I’m very at the end of my LEASH!!!

  18. Laura Stafford
    | Reply

    Corgis are the cutest I’m getting a corgi when I’m older

  19. Justin Hoan
    | Reply

    My dog dosent listen when she’s outside :(

  20. Emma Ruscello
    | Reply

    staffy are the cutest puppies in the world

  21. Buddersletsplays
    | Reply

    i like aussies

  22. Cameron Soto
    | Reply

    Dalmatians are best like jordplaysgames says. I have one he is SOO awesome
    but he’s hard to train.

  23. Popka Wood
    | Reply

    cutest puppie ever but i only have a border collie puppie and that is
    pretty cute

  24. ladyloneill
    | Reply

    Corgi puppies are the SECOND cutest puppy ever!

  25. MsBunniie
    | Reply

    corgi puppies are the best!! <3 Getting mine this year!

  26. hitsumiku30
    | Reply

    There’s no such thing as “Cutest puppy/dog ever” because all dogs and
    puppies are cute :)) <3 (My opinion and it's really true)

  27. tommylfc98
    | Reply


  28. Francesca .P
    | Reply

    Huskey’s are cuter as puppys

  29. alisse bobber
    | Reply

    I don’t need to think. Corgis are solo cutteee

  30. sonh788
    | Reply

    Bernese pups! 

  31. Gillian Vogt
    | Reply

    I think all puppies are cute

  32. Aakasha Pri
    | Reply

    I need help getting my dog to follow through with walks. I have a 8 week
    old golden retriever and he will stop and refuse to walk, especially when I
    stop him from running into people’s yards or anywhere he wants to go
    besides where I am walking. He will sit lie and just stand still, but
    refuse to walk. He also does this when I do not let him lead or run in
    front..across my feet. Please do a video on this. Thank you

  33. jl Sellers
    | Reply

    All puppies are cute!!!!

  34. Audra Fisher
    | Reply

    He was pretty darn cute, but not more so than my Border Collie when he was
    a young puppy!!

  35. Elouise Saunders
    | Reply

    OMG yes they are soooooo cute but to me all PUPPIES are CUUUTTTEEE

  36. Matty Trembley
    | Reply

    Love corgis!!!

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