Cold Steel Leatherneck-SF Rubber Trainer Knife

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Now you can practice with some of our most popular knife designs, in relative safety, with our new rubber training knives. We have rubber training versions of our Peace Keeper™ I, the R1 Military Classic, Recon Tanto, Leatherneck-SF, and the Black Bear Classic. Each has been carefully fashioned to look as realistic as possible so they can be effectively used in solo practice, training drills, disarm drills, and demonstrations and any other activity where you want a reasonably close approximation of realism but not the extreme danger and risk associated with an actual knife. The Santoprene rubber blades are soft enough to prevent the likelihood of most bodily injury. They do however, have a level of firmness that might cause injury to the face or the eyes, so it is recommended that appropriate eye protection or a fencing mask is utilized at all times when using a Cold Steel® rubber training knife.Many of innovative cutlery company Cold Steel’s most popular knives, including this Leatherneck-SF, are now available in safe, rubberized trainer editions. Carefully fashioned to look as realistic as possible during solo practice, training drills, and demonstrations, these plastic knives are made of durable Santoprene material that will hold up to years of heavy use.


  • Made of durable Santoprene
  • Seven-inch blade
  • 0.44-inch thick blade
  • Five-inch handle
  • 12-inch overall length
  • 4.1-ounce weight

All Cold Steel products are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship. Details are included with your purchase.

About Cold Steel
Cold Steel, Incorporated was founded in 1980, with the goal of making the strongest, sharpest cutlery in the world for knife enthusiasts. Over the last three-plus decades, the company has been at the forefront of many design innovations that have helped innovate the knife industry, including introduction of checked Kraton handles, and the tanto point blade styles which have become industry hallmarks of quality and sophistication.

Product Features

  • Innovative cutlery company Cold Steel’s most popular knives, including this Leatherneck-SF, are now available in safe, rubberized trainer editions
  • Ideal for solo practice, training, and demonstrations
  • Made of durable Santoprene
  • Seven-inch blade with 0.44-inch thickness, five-inch handle, 12-inch overall length, and 4.1-ounce weight
  • Includes limited manufacturer’s warranty; details included with purchase

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2 Responses

  1. fr3qu3ntfly3r
    | Reply

    Cold Steel just got this in the mail today (arrived 1 day earlier than expected) and this may be the best training knife i’ve ever seen. realistic weight, great grip, solid hard rubber structure, and it looks pretty badass 😉 for the price you’re getting a solid training knife SO STOP READING THIS AND GO BUY IT!!!

  2. David Matthews
    | Reply

    Great for airsoft, or training! Please note! This is NOT a toy it’s very solid, and not flexible like most people would think of when they hear ‘Rubber’It will hurt if someone throws it at you! the tip is not pointed, and it only flexes about 1/2″ (at the tip) and has a very solid feel, (feels like hard plastic).I have dropped it, thrown it swung it and more, and it still maintains it’s original shape!it is also very well balanced, the weight of the handle it about that of the blade.All around a good knife for training or airsoft!

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