Cockatiel Training Sound Dont worry be happy

Let your bird remind you every day that, you just have to be happy.

The most effective audio to train cockatiel or any parrot to sing Don’t worry, Be happy. It will learn in a few minutes. It’ll cath more easyly a short melody than one longer (and complex)


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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

15 Responses

  1. Carol Pearson
    | Reply


  2. DJ Tyler
    | Reply

    My bird went crazy

  3. Sangeeta Ghosh
    | Reply

  4. Daniel Mähring
    | Reply

    Could I do this with the russian national anthem

  5. Jhasmine Alder
    | Reply

    I’ve been trying to teach my bird this song for two months. He’s almost five months, he chirps every once and a while to it, but doesn’t sing.

  6. Ghita Malucona
    | Reply

    Como vc faz isso

  7. Thays de Souza Marques
    | Reply

    Eu amo essa música. Affff vou treinar o Zequinha para aprender.

  8. spike the cockitiel bird
    | Reply

    thank you for this song my cockitiel loves it

  9. Chris Murphy
    | Reply

    Is this bird a huge fan of Bobby McFerrin?

  10. Victor calle
    | Reply

    Bellisima 😚

  11. Abbie
    | Reply

    Can kakarikis learn it? Mines male btw

  12. Scourge Star
    | Reply

    Do they need to be alone?

  13. Mahmud Celaleddin Paşa
    | Reply

    Well will this work for conures?

  14. Preeti Aditya
    | Reply

    For my bird (cockatiel) made him listen to this music but it is falling asleep. So how can i train him?

  15. Alex Portillo
    | Reply


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