Clicker training your ferret: Spin and intro to clicker

Subsrible for more ferret Trick videos -PetsStars Australia here- Hey guys it Miss Blu Winter here and Loki, I hope you all enjoy the video and give me lots …

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. jeffeharkins says:

    Well that’s good to hear. I don’t think your toes would like that to much if he did. :p 

  2. McZidanne says:

    that music… what is that music 😮

  3. Ferret lover says:

    oh okay thanks for the advice!!!

  4. PetsStarsWW says:

    He hasnt yet 😉

  5. PetsStarsWW says:

    Any petstore or online 🙂 Karen Pryor style clickers I find work best 🙂

  6. PetsStarsWW says:

    Very Suitable name haha

  7. PetsStarsWW says:

    Yes the first training step is very important 🙂 It teachers our animals what the click sound means 🙂 Haha, I hate my legs XD

  8. Andrew Backman says:

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  9. Joe Diddy says:

    hey nice legs…yo can you find a mean black and white cat, the color of a border collie, and fight it with you best ferret fighter, and see who’d win? I though the cat family is the best pound 4 pound fighters in the weld, but i saw a ferret beat up a cat once. Experiment and vt if for us to watch, Thanks. And uh…don’t forget to put your legs in that video too. Bye

  10. severmine says:

    Very helpful! I did not know about the first training step with the clicker. But in all honesty, i came for the legs

  11. Grace Clayton says:

    I called my ferret stinky :3

  12. Ferret lover says:

    ok thanks

  13. Kate Lps says:

    Go to petco to get it.

  14. Kate Lps says:

    To buy a clicker go to petco thats where i brought it.

  15. laurieleann63 says:

    Just reading this, my sons ferret was starting to bite his ankles when he was laying in bed. I told him well he wants your attention! you come home let him out and that’s it, you quit playing w him! I was playing w him more than he was. once he started to show more interest in him and play he stopped biting. we are his siblings he has no other ferrets to play with.

  16. Ferret lover says:

    where do you get a clicker

  17. jeffeharkins says:

    Your message was deleted so it’s weird putting it up on this video but I’m going to respond to what you said anyways. Moses never saw God no one did, not until after He raised from the dead. It does say in Revelations what color Christs hair is and in the old testament it says what God’s hair color is. This is why I asked.

  18. jeffeharkins says:

    Wow that red line down the middle is quite annoying. So what happens when he mistakes your toes for food?

  19. Kel Kutter says:

    So knowing he’s probably biting you to get you to play is one problem solved but if he’s hurting you, know it’s unintentional and to correct that, you do as mother would do, look up “scruffing a ferret for discipline”-you take him by his scruff, hiss, and gently drag him about 3ft on the floor simultaneously, ea time he bites too hard-I would add a firm “NO” so he associates NO @same tme for other situations.Try a water spray bottle to.communication,understanding,love, and nurturing. Good luck

  20. Kel Kutter says:

    He wants your attention. They WANT and NEED to be socialized/stimulated pretty much every waking moment and if not by another ferret or animal, then YOU are the one who has to be able to do so. I literally spend all of my time w/my ferret and b/c I can. I knew what they required prior to choosing to get 1 knowing that I work frm home and am a homebody.They instinctively bite ea other when playing and they have tough skin so they bite hard not knowing a humans skin much different from theirs.

  21. yynnmmbb says:

    Your ferret is looking to play and needs a friend. They chase each other and play ‘tag’ like crazy. They are extremely social animals. I have had ferrets for years and make sure that I always have at least two at a time.

  22. biting* bite*

  23. Blu Winter says:

    This is Blu Winter from Pet Stars, I am giving him Wampy chicken jerky, but a particular favorite i have found is raw liver.

  24. Marco Kirwan says:

    What treats are you giving Loki??

  25. bryan brooks says:

    cool that was very helpful my ferret is name buster and he’s very smart he should pick this up quick 🙂

  26. PetsStarsWW says:

    Awesome name! I was thinking of renaming Apollo to Thor when I got them. So then my boys who are brothers would be Thor and Loki. hahaha

  27. PetsStarsWW says:

    Also do not be scared of your ferret or hesitate when picking him up, your more likely to get bit if you do. Remain affectionate to your ferret and be sure your ferret is getting his daily exercise needs. Also a good excercise when you are confident is putting ferretvite or nutrgel/paste on your hand and allowing your ferret to lick it off. He may not like the pastes at first but smear some on his nose or lips so he licks it off and he will love it. Also be sure he is getting daily excercise.

  28. PetsStarsWW says:

    Blu Winter here. just to verify is definetly biting? is your ferret latching on? But If it is only a nip they can still be painful. What you need to do is establish trust and also punish your ferret for nipping/Biting. The correct way to do this is giving a sharp ‘no when your ferret nip/bites and scruff him, drag him along the floor a few times when put him in time out in a empty carry case for 5 mins then let him out. You must be consistant. Clicker training is a good way to establish trust.

  29. Craftingful says:

    My ferret keeps byting me and keeps running away when I go close to it. Also it will sneak up to me and just byte me when ever even if I didn’t do anything

  30. Vonzercroft says:

    Beautiful! Very helpful video thank you 🙂 My ferrets name is odin 😛 

  31. Blu Winter says:

    This is Blu Winter from Pet Stars(i made the vid 😉 ) Ferrets are amazing pets but dont rush into buying one.

  32. ALEZTHEGREAT says:

    makes me want to get a ferret now

  33. PetsStarsWW says:

    of course 🙂 i will be making a series of training vids 🙂

  34. aglove45561 says:

    Plz make more videos of ur ferrets i subbed:)

  35. PetsStarsWW says:


  36. MiNeCrAfTiSAwEsOmE12 says:


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