Clicker Training Ferrets

Teaching my ferrets Strider, Isis, and Shmoo to do tricks using clicker training! Sorry in advance for my high-pitched training voice.

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6 Responses

  1. mehyer321
    | Reply

    It might be because I have more than one ferret so when I move one away
    they get distracted by one of their siblings. It was harder trying to keep
    the other two away when I was working with one! Strider (RIP 🙁 ) was crazy
    about any type of food so I would just move away and let him wander around
    before calling him to me, so I never really had the problem of them
    following me around. Maybe try putting her in a new room or distract her
    with playing before trying to train her again.

  2. Emily Jones
    | Reply

    what is the liquid in the bottle that you are using as a reward?

  3. mehyer321
    | Reply

    it took the course of around 5 days, they were hard to train just because
    of their short attention spans. Isis was the worst just because every time
    i gave her the treat she would stop and lick herself for like 2 minutes 😛

  4. thelittlequirks
    | Reply

    whered you buy your clicker from?

  5. mehyer321
    | Reply

    I actually borrowed the clicker from a friend, you can get them at any pet
    store I believe. I used an old hand sanitizer bottle (rinsed out very well
    of course) and filled it full of Ferretone for the treat.

  6. ElieMatthews
    | Reply

    how long did it take you to train your ferrets?

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