I’ve “clicker trained” animals for more than 29 years. My cat Didga and I will teach you how to “charge” the clicker. From there you can teach your cat all sorts of things. Thanks for subscribing and sharing my videos.
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25 Responses

  1. NestonCentral IV
    | Reply

    You know what's so annoying? I have a pet store litteraly in front of my door no joke, LITERALLY..
    I searched for their site if they sold clickers, but it only shows a few products which are new
    or most popular. So now I hope when I go there tomorrow, they have clickers.. it SUCKS they don't
    show all their products. But then I found their german site where you CAN see they sell clickers..
    I wonder if every single pet shop has different products, I live in belguim and I hope they sell the
    same stuff. I'll let you know if I got it or not! Anyways, started training my 1 year old ragdoll today.
    I wonder how I make him stop biting and scratching while petting him. He's like never calm he always
    is hyped and I do spend some time playing with him. So the issue can't be that he's bored..!

  2. Fairyduzt AJ
    | Reply

    My cat will eat treats, but not very often. He doesn't like soft food either, but I'm trying to clicker train him. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  3. darksoulkiller the first and only
    | Reply

    can I use a pen instead? (reply to me if I can please) my cat is very grumpy all of a sudden and I don't know why! lets see, I gave him food, gave him water. and  most importantly he keeps getting in my closet (plus my closet have some bad stuff in it, like power tools, my Jason machete etc.) so I want to train him to sit! so please comment on this!!!!

  4. Xepris
    | Reply

    I just went out and bought treats; they didn't have clickers, but I just ordered them off of amazon and the clickers arriving tommorow! Wish me luck, comment if you want me to keep you updated!💕💕

  5. Not a Snake
    | Reply

    Just finished her second session and she's already learning what the clicker means will maybe start teach her sit at the end of her fourth session to be sure though.

  6. Rash Khan
    | Reply

    I have a cat but I don't have clicker

  7. Missy J Galvin
    | Reply

    My cat is deaf, is there a non hearing tool that can be used for training?

  8. El chapo the gato
    | Reply

    this works so great. I have taught my cat so much with this

  9. Lori Allison
    | Reply

    my cat, allison, loves treats and thinks she should get them twice a day . if she thinks I have forgotten she will sit on the arm of my chair. if I ignore her she pats my cheek. still ignoring her earns me a cheek swipe with claws, repeated until I get the treats. when I get the treats I know I am rewarding bad behavior! but I don't know what to do.

  10. K.D.Bryson
    | Reply

    This is all great… but how do I train a blind cat?

  11. Amber Pervez
    | Reply

    Is it okay to share a link to this video on my pet's Facebook page? We are exploring clicker training and my whole 2 followers are interested too.

  12. Despoina Sampatakou
    | Reply

    Hi! Thank you for sharing your experience! I adopted a deaf cat, 2 years old, male, neutered, with behavioral problems. He doesn't go well with my older cat, female, neutered, 7 years old, so, I am trying to ''train him''. Do you think that the ''clicker training'' could be traded with light? I mean, something like small flashlight? Or do you have an other idea? Thank you again for your help!

  13. GizmoTheCat
    | Reply

    You have to break up the treats,sl the cat doesnt have kidney failiure.

  14. Elohim's Children.
    | Reply

    Good Morning MR.catmantoo,
    may I know, when can I train my cat?
    I mean, when it still a kitten or adult cat?

  15. MarvelAgentDaisy
    | Reply

    Do you have any recommendations for healthy cat treats?

  16. Pauline Hutchinson
    | Reply

    Good morning 🙂 Will you be in South Florida at any time or would you like to visit South Florida? I will be adopting two 8 week kittens on July 1st. I would love to teach them all these things as well as walking on a lease. How old do they have to be to start training? They will be on the raw diet. Can I use this as the treat? Sorry for all the questions. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.

  17. Bintang Ilhami
    | Reply

    kliker ga bener

  18. WeeD Brother
    | Reply

    What i should use if my cat is deaf ? 🙂 i mean clicker is not working im trying with hitting the surface tor vibration so she can figure it out

  19. Valentina yo
    | Reply

    I don't even know why i'm watching This i dont have a cat

  20. Andrine´s Dream
    | Reply

    For how long should I do THE clicker training to my cat. When do i know when it knows What THE click sound means?

  21. Adjure
    | Reply

    How long should I leave between each click treat session?

  22. WillowAnimations
    | Reply

    Are you from Australia or you're from another Country? I'm Australian.

  23. WillowAnimations
    | Reply

    Help my cat is under the bed and i cant reach, what do i do? She listened before but now shes not, help please?

  24. Fibi FanaticFanGurl
    | Reply

    Can I ask where I can find clickers like the one you're using? Would they be in local pet stores possibly?

  25. Americanjazzlady
    | Reply

    You don't have an Australian accent.   Why did you move there???  Just curious.   It looks like you lived in the US before.   GOD bless you.

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