Clicker Training a Rat

This short video shows a behavior being shaped in a rat using a clicker and some tiny treats. I begin by clicking for any interest in the hoop (not shown, but only about 30 seconds of training). I then move to clicking for interest to the inside of the hoop. Then head inside the hoop. Then one foot, then two. Then she walks through the hoop. When she becomes more fluent with walking through the hoop, I will begin to raise it to teach her to jump through it.

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7 Responses

  1. Sarah
    | Reply

    I use ordered a clicker for a dollar and free shipping on eBay, so there's a good place..if you don't ant to order online, all pet stores have them for fairly cheap, you don't need anything fancy. Just go to the dog aisle or ask an employee for a clicker for clicker training. PetsMart has them, and basically every other pet store. So yeah.

  2. Kyle Couture
    | Reply

    Where can you get a clicker. I got a rat about a month and a half ago and I have been clicking my tongue but i dont think she gets it i have to try something new lol

  3. gerbilgal20002000
    | Reply

    Is it just me or does it make more sense to feed on the other side of the hoop, to make going through rewarding? It looked like she was going to go through the first couple of times you clicked for interest, but the click distracted her, and reset her looking away from the hoop.

  4. eluvaitie
    | Reply

    this is ….just WOW. how quick the rat was learning. 🙂

  5. Donna Hill
    | Reply

    Another great example of shaping!

  6. Rebecca Lynch
    | Reply

    I am using an eighth of a slice of carrot and halves of sunflower seeds. Sometimes a half of a piece of puffed rice.

  7. teamtarke
    | Reply

    wow, What sort of treats do you use>?

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