Clicker Train Your Cat at Home

Cats can’t be trained? That’s a myth! Watch this video and learn how you can teach your cat tricks right at home. For more clicker training tips and informat…

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31 Responses

  1. Mark Harvey
    | Reply

    kittehs can learn stuff?!?

  2. Michelle Power
    | Reply

    Friggin love cats 🙂 I’ve been reinforcing the up and down commands with
    treats and just using my tongue and teeth to make a clicking noise, because
    my cat’s use to the noise. So you don’t really need a clicker I guess 

  3. Wellpets Animal Hospital
    | Reply

    Who said you can’t train a cat?

  4. false fate
    | Reply

    Now I can train a cat army >:D

  5. AlexLastVideos
    | Reply

    What was on the stick that they were feeding the cats?

  6. TeiKh3n xD
    | Reply

    interestingly the easiest animal that can be trained are humanoids 🙂

  7. ngaccents
    | Reply

    there must be a reason for the bitting…watch y cat from hell…this guy
    Jackson is a cat whisperer!

  8. aline lassala
    | Reply

    if you dont have a clicker you can snap, click ur tounge or use a pen

    | Reply

    Very informative video, I have cat training videos too.

  10. Zlofpgu
    | Reply

    i want to train my cat but she is too old, she’s 16, but she acts like she
    is 5, she already comes to me when i walk, i never even taught her that,
    but half of the day im with my cat, so if i wanted to train her, hopefully
    i would be the most well known person to her 🙂

  11. 4kaiyo
    | Reply

    @liligirl2012 start by just clicking and giving a treat to make the
    association then start with just random things the cat is likely to do by
    it self like hold a treat in your hand and wait for the cat to calm down
    and sit, right when he sits click and give him the treat do that a couple
    of times and then start saying “sit” while he is doing it, click and treat.
    he will learn in no time.

  12. Godallmighty009
    | Reply

    next you need to train that cat to ride a bike

  13. Japprendstutos
    | Reply

    I juste learn it a danse with a music 😀 when she listen this music she
    danse !

  14. Holly McParland
    | Reply

    What kind of stores can u get a clicker in??

  15. Jacki Stevens
    | Reply

    awesome video and great ideas for clicker training!

  16. toreymusha
    | Reply

    i am sitting here with my spoiled ass cat in my arms thinking there is no
    way… his head was right by the speakers and when i put this video on he
    ran. oh well, even if i can’t train him, he’s still the friendliest former
    ferrel cat ever. and cute to boot!

  17. TeiKh3n xD
    | Reply

    I may be wild guessing, but afaik taste is highly related to the sense of
    smell; therefore, you cat may have some olfactive problem; may be if you
    can treat that first it may help.

  18. Stephanie Pyke
    | Reply

    no training can simply replace mealtimes. You can feed a whole meal to a
    cat or a dog and train it with every morsel. The pet gets a full tummy and
    an education.

  19. Eliza Almaguer
    | Reply

    a clicker help give an imidiate positive stimuli, it means: what you have
    done just now is good and reward is coming. This helps avoid confusion at
    the start of training due to food reward arriving a little late

  20. lozeke123
    | Reply

    my cat can do high 5 XD

  21. Harrison Weaver
    | Reply

    DIY CLICKER Pick a short sound save it on your ipod and use that! profit!

  22. syarifah maimun
    | Reply

    my fat too fat to exercise

  23. lijeein lola
    | Reply

    Thank you

  24. M Smith
    | Reply

    Dumb? What?

  25. VideoGameDetective
    | Reply

    guys my cat is really weird. i got it about 3,5 years ago and it follows me
    and if i call her she responds with “meow” is that normal to cats?

  26. Dana Homsi
    | Reply

    well ok it sounds easy but what do you do to get the cat to come to you the
    first time i’m mean how is she supposed to know that’s what i mean by come ?

  27. zilam98
    | Reply

    ignorance or snark in evidence.

  28. meaddictedtoanime
    | Reply

    Like what ashleydah21 said, how would you train a kitten in a first place
    anyway? Every time I put my hand in front of her, she gives me a scratch
    not a high five. And there are times that she really took off a skin and it
    hurts a lot! So how would I make her do it?

    | Reply

    how do you make it sit in the first place, and why use the clicker if you
    have food as the motivation?

  30. lynchmaster90
    | Reply

    If you can do a lot with dog I can only imagine the possibilities with a cat

  31. TeiKh3n xD
    | Reply

    this doesnt even seen to be sold on my country :(, I think I will have to
    make one myself in some way :/

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