Cleaning Baby Guinea Pigs

Cleaning Baby Guinea Pigs

By: Dane Stanton

If you have recently acquired a baby guinea pig and are wondering how to clean baby guinea pigs, you definitely aren’t alone. Chances are you even feel a bit uneasy about giving your pet a bath in the sink or tub because it is so huge and the little animal is so small. You might even have a sneaking suspicion that when learning how to clean baby guinea pigs that the traditional form of bathing is not very well recommended for the little creatures.

Cleaning Options

It is a great thing that you are trying to learn how to clean your guinea pigs because it really doesn’t even have to be as difficult as bathing a dog or a cat for example. It is so much easier and less messy than that method and the guinea pigs are quite happy for it too as not many enjoy the water. In learning how to clean your pigs, there are a couple of different choices you have when trying to decide how to properly clean your pet guinea pig. Lets take a look at the options available to you and where to acquire them in your local neighborhood.

The first wonderful product that has in recent years hit the pet store shelves for small animals as a bath alternative and is a great tool in first learning how to clean baby guinea pigs is the powdered bath. The powdered bath is easily attained from the local pet store and even your local veterinarian should have an adequate supply of powdered bath for small animals. This is also incredibly easy to use and it causes virtually no stress on the pig as well your pet might even enjoy it!

In learning how to clean baby guinea pigs with the powdered bath all that is required is that you dust an even coating of the bathing powder onto the baby and let it sit for a minute. Grab your favorite pet brush and gently brush the baby and that is the best way to know how to clean baby guinea pigs and the safest way for them as well.

If none of these options are available to you while you are trying to learn how to clean baby guinea pigs, you don’t have to panic it is still very easy to clean your baby guinea pig. If in a pinch, all you have to do is get a cloth and dampen it with lukewarm water and gently scrub the baby until it becomes clean.

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