Clash of the Titans: Battle Cats

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Turn up the volume and watch till the end.

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. CrazyGaMePlaYa
    | Reply

    thats i a funny and good video

  2. L0v3N3verDies666
    | Reply

    i luv your cat <3 <3

  3. klaatu42
    | Reply

    Well done. Cute ending.

  4. jeanniemariek
    | Reply

    that was sooo cute! and really well edited! yeah the end was super sweet! 🙂

  5. winterpluk
    | Reply

    nice ending

  6. Houdiful
    | Reply

    aww they are sooo cute =D
    *thumbs up* <3

  7. Thisisittastic1
    | Reply

    This Is A CATastrophic Attack LOL Nice Video.

  8. wweworldwrestling
    | Reply

    Rofl!!! Crazy cats xD. And what’s awesome Is that 1 of my friends have a cat similar to the 1 that’s white and brown. Only difference Is that It’s less white xP.

  9. saudagarsilver
    | Reply

    what did u feed him…?? hyper cats… lol 🙂

  10. defect530
    | Reply

    my cats hate each other!

  11. laclavicie
    | Reply

    awesome cats

  12. RMG209
    | Reply


  13. russkie69
    | Reply

    This is such an awesome video! Your choice of music was genius. I love House of Pain, and this is there best song. I never realized how it captured the mentality and emotions of cats in general. The way you integrate the video with the song in inspired. Have you tried mixing a video with House of Pain’s other great – Boom Shackalacka Boom? Ten thumbs up!

  14. batty505
    | Reply

    great vid!

  15. MilkThatEmo
    | Reply

    2:39 was pure trolololol

  16. marcelstemarie
    | Reply

    My god, I’d never get anything done if I lived with two cats with personalities like that. I’d just film them all day.

  17. gbot1999
    | Reply

    haha fun cats. mine just fight each other because they hate one another –like for reals.

  18. BrownzWearCrownz
    | Reply

    Nice Video Awesome Work!!!!

  19. keroification
    | Reply

    awhh 😀

  20. hewittt87
    | Reply

    a cat that plays fetch? cool!

  21. sparebulb420
    | Reply

    This is my all-time favorite cat video!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. HellsFelines
    | Reply

    Nice vid, I lol’ed. Check out my video if you’re looking for more goofy cat fun (Evil Elvis Cat)

  23. DanFrederiksen
    | Reply

    awww : )

  24. Dancer1932
    | Reply

    it was funny cuz when the singer was like jump jump jump jump the cat jumped! hehe! check out cats playing patty cake!

  25. CattyCatRanch
    | Reply

    You’ve got some lovely cats – silly, but lovely. Better than Valium, aren’t they? And no rx required. (;^)

    Then again, Valium doesn’t cough up slimy hairballs that squish between your toes when you get up to pee in the dark of night. (8^(

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