City Life and Your Dog

City Life and Your Dog

By Felix Senhouse

Since city dogs are so restricted, they usually end up just staying at home alone. It’s just impossible to take the dog everywhere in the city. Even if the dog can stay in the car comfortably, in some cities there is a very real possibility that the dog could be stolen. On the other hand, many city pets serve a need for protection and security, so they are left behind to guard the owner’s belongings. The resulting isolation, accompanied by a backdrop of urban noise, is often a prelude to incessant barking, destructive chewing, or other frustration-releasing activities. The situation becomes worse when continual barking or whining leads to complaints and possibly eviction. Destructive chewing can cause an apartment dweller to forfeit a security deposit, not to mention the loss of personal belongings.

When you live in an apartment and have a dog, you should carefully consider which rooms the dog will have access to when you are gone. Some owners may need to train their dogs to “do their business” on papers in the bathroom, so this door will have to be propped open. Otherwise, if the door accidentally shuts the door during the day, you may find some surprises in the living room when you return. A variation on this same theme is if the dog locks itself in the bathroom, you may fine that the towels, soap and the door have been chewed in frustration.

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