Choosing the right chew toys for your dog

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MAIN STORY – How To Keep Your Dog’s Chewing From Coming Back To Bite You

Dogs love to chew on things. In fact, chewing is a natural canine behavior that, when channeled positively into a chew toy or treat, can help eliminate destructive behavior such as chewing up your favorite pair of shoes. Chewable treats and toys encourage your senior dog’s natural chewing activity and many actually provide oral care benefits as well.

Five tips to assure a happy chew toy or chew treat experience.

* Monitor your dog closely as he enjoys his chew treat or toy. Treats should be well chewed and no large pieces swallowed.

* Make sure the chew treat or toy is the correct size for your senior dog. In other words, your dog should not be given a chew treat/toy that could be swallowed whole. Packages should indicate the appropriate size dog for the chew treat/toy. If in doubt, ask your retailer or contact the manufacturer.

* If your dog has a history of ingesting foreign objects such as rocks, sticks or toys, you may not want to give him or her chew treats/toys at all. Try edible biscuits, instead.

* Watch for choking, excessive drooling, vomiting, poor appetite, lethargy, and abnormal bowel movements. If you notice any of these signs, seek veterinary care sooner rather than later.

* When in doubt about what is appropriate for your senior dog, contact your veterinarian. He or she can offer professional advice.

THE DISH – The healthy way to top dry dog food for mealtime variety

When poured over a high-quality dog food (such as IAMS®), IAMS® Savory Sauce™ provides essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for your senior dog. New Savory Sauce™ flavors include Roasted Turkey Flavor, made with real broth for a savory taste dogs crave, and Pot Roast Flavor, made with real beef broth. Every bottle also contains real peas and carrots, for added flavor and nutrients, and beet pulp, which helps your senior dog’s digestion. All flavors are low in fat and calories. Other flavorful Savory Sauce™ options are Sizzling Bacon Flavor, Roasted Beef Flavor and Country Style Chicken Flavor. IAMS® Savory Sauce™ is a healthy and delicious addition to your senior dog’s diet that both you and he can love.

HEALTH WATCH – Exercise and the older dog

Regular exercise is important for every dog throughout life, but particularly as he gets older. Some dogs tend to gain weight as they age, which can lead to significant health problems. Exercise helps the senior dog maintain an optimum body weight. It can also help older dogs stay fit and flexible, as well as helping keep their minds engaged in the world around them.

It’s advisable for your older dog to have a checkup before starting or changing an exercise routine. What activities are appropriate? Most experts recommend swimming, because it’s a low-impact sport. Walking is another good option, for the same reason, and simple games like fetch usually work nicely, too. The key is not to overstrain your dog. He is anxious to please you and may end up exercising for too long or too strenuously without letting you know. Exercise some patience, and monitor the situation to make sure your dog doesn’t get too tired, overheated or dehydrated. It’s best to avoid hotter times of the day, as older dogs are more prone to heatstroke. And always carry water for him with you when you walk together.

Most importantly, design an exercise program your older dog will enjoy. An active participant will have fun as he gets his muscles toned, joints flexible, body trim and mind active.

HEADLINES FOR CANINES – Are males and females really from different planets?

Contrary to what you may have been led to believe about gender differences in humans, the differences between dogs are a lot subtler. Most experts will tell you that a dog’s breed, and whether he or she is neutered or spayed, will more likely determine their disposition than gender. But there are a few subtle differences between the sexes that can generally be applied to dogs. For example, females tend to be smaller than males and are less inclined to wander. Females also tend to have a less dominant personality. Male dogs on the other hand, typically are larger and tend to be a little more aggressive and outgoing.

That being said, every dog is uniquely different, and which personality traits he or she will develop can depend largely on how much love and how much discipline you choose to give them.

WHAT’S NEW AT IAMS? – Get answers about your senior dog by simply clicking a mouse

The new FAQ page on the IAMS® website gives you instant access to an extensive database of frequently asked questions about your pet’s health, nutrition, training and much more. The site is constantly being updated with topics that range from general to specific and can be easily searched by keyword.

Click here to visit our site and be sure to bookmark it or add it to your Favorites page.

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