Chihuahua Obedience- clicker dog training

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Chihuahua Obedience- clicker dog training Playing some obedience games with Kiko the chihuahua dog training clicker training obedience chihuahua training dogmantics dog training

What do you think?

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21 Responses

  1. cheerfulchip197
    | Reply

    Chihuahuas kick it!

  2. claudiahoyle
    | Reply

    love him!

  3. AppyCollie
    | Reply

    so adorable!!

  4. PurdyBear1
    | Reply

    Great job! That cant be easy having to reach down to reward.

  5. uranusz8
    | Reply

    awesome *.*

  6. petloverUK
    | Reply


  7. Jal1515
    | Reply

    I love seeing dog breeds showing what they can really achieve! I see too often bratty and annoying and even aggressive Chihuahuas. I really admire you and your wonderful gang! 🙂

  8. ziggyhuys
    | Reply

    Great music taste and very fine dog work, I think you have alot of potential in becoming very famous and I hope clicker training will be taken more seriously and get practiced more trough your example.

  9. Schneewittchenzwerg1
    | Reply

    I love Kiko! He’s so smart! Your videos always brighten my day – they are so positive and inspiring 🙂 Thanks for posting and sharing!

  10. TheMitchellUSA
    | Reply

    hey everyone come checkout my channel for some more amazing dog tricks. Go to: THEMITCHELLUSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. PetluverChannel
    | Reply

    So obedient!!

  12. MsBorderCollieLover
    | Reply

    wow amazing training Emily! Kiko fantastic obedience work 🙂

  13. DeltaDalmatian
    | Reply

    Music fits perfectly 😀

  14. missmndz
    | Reply


  15. HechiAsia
    | Reply

    Genial 🙂

  16. blazingkitten
    | Reply

    Kiko is just so awesome.

  17. tehrenberg
    | Reply

    I love watching Kiko keep step with you. . . she is so girlie.

  18. AdimusDogServices
    | Reply

    I always love watching your videos and just seeing how happy Kiko is just being with you and performing for you, it’s amazing

  19. AllAmericanTeam
    | Reply

    Kiko is just too cute! What a good Chi.

  20. zsianz1
    | Reply

    I LOVE KIKO! hehe. gosh it’s so long since I heard this song 😀 I love the little head turn she does at the end, I will have to train one of mine to do that, so cute.

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