Cesar Millan’s Short Guide to a Happy Dog: 98 Essential Tips and Techniques

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After more than 9 seasons as TV’s Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan has a new mission: to use his unique insights about dog psychology to create stronger, happier relationships between humans and their canine companions.

Both inspirational and practical, A Short Guide to a Happy Dog draws on thousands of training encounters around the world to present 98 essential lessons. Taken together, they will help any owner apply the key aspects of Cesar’s celebrated philosophy to create the most fulfilling life possible with their dogs.

In these pages, Cesar delves into crucial themes that go beyond obedience-school basics to reveal the hearts and minds of our beloved pets. In short, practical takes, he explores:

• The basics of dog psychology
• Instinctual behaviors
• Creating balance and boundaries
• Managing common misbehaviors
• Choosing the right dog for your family
• Helping your dog adjust to life transitions

Throughout the book, inspiring stories from Cesar’s case files — and from his new TV show, Leader of the Pack – provide moving real-world applications and surprising life lessons.

Smart, easy to use, and packed with Cesar’s remarkable insights into human and canine behavior, A Short Guide to A Happy Dog is an inspiring tool for anyone looking to live a better life with a beloved member of the family.

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2 Responses

  1. Tiger CK
    | Reply

    Extremely Useful Cesar Millan’s “Short Guide to a Happy Dog” is the latest of several books by the famous television personality. To anybody who watches his show, “The Dog Whisperer” regularly, much of the advice contained in this book will be quite familiar. And the advice is also similar to what he lays out in his previous books. As always, Cesar talks about the importance of being a “calm assertive” pack leader with your dog. He also shows how when people complain that there is something wrong with their dog, a lot of the time there is actually something wrong with the human. When humans project the wrong energy it can make their dogs anxious and unstable.Why get this book if you watch the show and/or have read his other books? For one, Millan is always interesting even if some of the time he is just repackaging the same information and guidance into a different format. But of his books, I think that this one is, in many ways, the easiest to follow. You don’t have to read it cover to cover but can take away something useful from every chapter. The chapters cover important topics including: principles for a balanced dog, techniques for a pack leader, how to choose the right dog for you, and how to deal with your dog’s life cycle changes. Each chapter is divided into a series of guidelines or rules. I definitely picked up some things that I have not heard him talking about explicitly before. My own dog fits into what the AKC calls the “herding dog” category and Cesar’s book did contain some interesting advice on how to handle herding dogs (and some of the other AKC groups). He notes that herding dogs have a natural tendency to be anxious, to look for work and to try to herd humans (especially small children) by nipping them in the heels. Cesar gives advice on how to redirect this energy. This kind of good advice in a condensed, easy to ready format is what makes this book useful.I would also strongly recommend that anybody who is interested in buying a puppy or adopting a rescue read his section on choosing the right dog very carefully. I see so many people who choose the wrong dog for their lifestyle and are unable to control the dog or disappointed that the dog isn’t energetic enough. Cesar explains how to make a good assessment of your own lifestyle and then choose the breed that will fit into it. If everybody takes the advice he gives in this chapter to heart there will be far fewer guys out there choosing pit bulls to be macho and there will be far fewer abandoned or neglected dogs. This books will definitely be one of the key references that I will use for dealing with any problems that I encounter with my dog and advising friends who are interested in adopting a dog. It is great that Cesar packaged his wisdom in this interesting format and I would recommend for dog owners and anybody considering owning a dog.

  2. C. Bostock
    | Reply

    Great book!!! This book will guide you to a better understanding of yourself as well as your dog, and all dogs in general. It is easy to read, with clear and to the point explanations and solutions to dog behavior problems. It explains the why’s when’s and how’s of exercise, discipline and affection; rules, boundaries and limitations, and gives you the tools you need to become pack leader.I am only part way through this book, but already I’ve had so many “aha” moments, and have been given a lot of food for thought. Once finished, I will keep this book in an easy to reach place (on my bookshelf and in my iPad) as I know I’ll be referring back to it many times in the years to come.

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