Cesar Millan is Yesterday’s Dog Trainer (Part 1)

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


YouTube Description

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What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. barret89
    | Reply

    Otherwise i would love to see more of your videos, they are amazing and i love the way you’re with your dogs, very good trained

    and great work!!

  2. tris2go
    | Reply

    I saw one of ur videos and thought lets try another and came across this one. Disappointing to see someone hit a jugular with negative comments that dont appear very well informed. I enjoy watching training videos and taking from them what i feel is good and ignoring the bad. No need to be hating. Stick to training and stay out of bs of that nature. Stay neutral. Disappointing.

  3. coal1987
    | Reply

    @socialist23 i think you are looking TOO much into it.

  4. wshabel
    | Reply

    Bullying your dog…. lol, you’re trash… that is all.

  5. wshabel
    | Reply

    Bullying your dog…. lol, you’re trash… that is all.

  6. HeartdogGSD
    | Reply

    @segicm Oh? Dogs “bite” with a clawed hand? And they bite for every infraction? No, I beg to differ. He did not study wolves behavior at all. He “studied” a pack of near feral dogs while a CHILD on a ranch. Dogs left to their own devices and not family pets. Wolves don’t act like he does. At all.

  7. manlyshaytard
    | Reply

    cesar millan is beast his dog daddy died in 2009 daddy is the best and cesar is not that agressive he only does that as a last resort

  8. harr0der
    | Reply

    @SiberianAnubis “I haven’t read all the comments” ok then go find the comments where we explain or do you expect me to repeat myself to everyone who is too lazy to go find the information we already took the time to type? And there’s nothing wrong with someone just starting out – you’re really going to say just because I’m just getting going and all my responses thus far are backed by people much more experienced than I (with sources) that I’m not able to talk about something?

  9. harr0der
    | Reply

    @SiberianAnubis Also, that is why places like APDT, BEN and ABC have started. To begin offering regulation and ways of sharing information/current research among trainers. We have already begun the movement to regulate and get credentials.

  10. 163mojo
    | Reply

    It cracks me up at how such a simple thing as choosing a method on how to train your dog can get people so worked up…i just love my dogs to death that’s all i know πŸ™‚

  11. segicm
    | Reply

    @HeartdogGSD “And they bite for every infraction? ” Do you ever watch a pack of dogs in wild ? And what alpha do if follower do something wrong ? THEY BITE .Alpha dont say “you will not eat today” he just bite.
    And I think that clicker training is good. I used it to train my dogs, but i thing that you cant correct a dog behavior with clicker if he is in “red zone” .
    and again you can’t compare Zak and Cesar becouse they do completely different things…

  12. dirtyfeeno
    | Reply

    cesar millan rehabilitates dogs with serious behavior problems, completely different with your everyday dog trainer, if you watch his show he is not teaching dogs tricks, he is either getting them to overcome a debilitating fear, in which he never “bullies” the dog, or making an aggressive do passive before it has to be put down.

    He rescues dogs not trains them, and is a good hearted guy who loves animals

    2 different things

  13. Churros714
    | Reply

    Because its the easier way. Thats all nothing else.

  14. 6KsM
    | Reply

    By what you are saying, it sounds to me like you are the insecure one feeling like another dog trainer, in this case Cesar Millan, is actually better than you and you are trying to bring him down by saying nasty things about him, My respect is COMPLETELY to Cesar, and if you think you are better than him in any way my friend i have NO respect for you and never will. Sorry to say, but you are a COMPLETE idiot πŸ™‚

  15. anovelideabooks
    | Reply

    In his first book Milan came down hard on American female dog owners and said we are permissive. So how come most dog trainers are women and most dogs that compete in obedience work, agility, rally etc are women. He is stuck in machismo.

  16. Ranidana
    | Reply

    @PatBattleBF1942 well…from what I have seen from CM, he is right….and dominance and all this in dog training is not solid information but a lot of myth…and with all due respect to other peoples methods, opinions and what not, brutality, pain, fear and all this should not be combined with dog training…we all move on , we all progress and so should how we treat our social partners

  17. kateastrophic23
    | Reply

    6KsM you are an idiot πŸ™‚ no offence of coarse…

  18. THISisSTEPHENryan
    | Reply

    Also a good point to remember is that Millan deals with alot of behavioral issues opposed to tricks and things. not saying i favor either one but its a point to remember

  19. eggypadua
    | Reply

    that’s no cool man,

  20. liefpandabeertje
    | Reply

    @socialist23 when i watch cesar it just makes my day.. the guy is always so frikkin positive .. He makes me wanna be positive too. When i watch Zak i’m getting depressed because he’s always whining and talking down on people … WEIRD huh AND he never teaches me anything !!? or did i just miss that video?

  21. AgilityFox
    | Reply

    @skbushbaby To me, kicking dogs in the stomach for example, is brutalizing them.
    If you’ve never noticed the kicking, try viewing in slow motion.

  22. skbushbaby
    | Reply

    @AgilityFox I have never seen Cesar kick any dog in the stomach. He may tap them on the side with the foot that is farthest away from them because that way there is no danger of the tap being too hard. He is not into bullying any dog. I watch Cesar’s videos many times over to see exactly how he achieves the results he gets, and I have never seen any cruelty or bullying. His timing is impeccable, and I only wish I had a fraction of his gift with dogs.

  23. AgilityFox
    | Reply

    @socialist23 Well…CM has no problem having Ian Dunbar participate in his book either…:D

  24. AgilityFox
    | Reply

    @skbushbaby That’s why I said, If you’ve never noticed the kicking, try viewing in slow motion.
    His “gifts” are mostly being charismatic to people and having good marketing skills…

  25. WakeUpArt
    | Reply

    Firstly Cesar does not claim to be a dog trainer – quite clearly! Secondly, if you have ever watched a mother dog discipline her pups, you would see the very corrections that he uses. A pack of dogs will maintain order in the same way.
    He also respects all dog training professionals and welcomes learning from everyone – it is quite unfortunate that you seem to need to project your own issues and insecurities on to him and his success. His methods are simple animal truths, specific to canines!

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