Celebrate Senior Pet Month

Coffee Tray CatNovember is Senior Pet Month! So what are you going to do to celebrate it? There are so many older pets who need homes, so if you’re thinking about adopting another pet, maybe it’s time to choose a dog over a puppy.

Pros and Cons for Adopting Senior Pets

There are pros and cons for adopting a pet of any age. For instance, puppies and kittens need veterinarian care such as vaccines, de-worming, spay/neuter, etc. It might worry you that an older pet could have more health problems, but keep in mind that this isn’t always the case.

Some older pets are in great health. They just need love and attention. However, there are others who walk slower and might be deaf and maybe even blind. Although senior pets can have serious health issues, they can still benefit from your companionship. It might be hard knowing that they don’t have years and years to live, but it can feel good knowing that you provided them with a loving and relaxing home.

A positive is that many older pets are already trained. They know how to sit, stay, fetch, lay down, etc. Even better is when they’re trained to go to the bathroom outside or in a litter box. Potty training a puppy can be a frustrating experience, and your carpet might barely survive the process. On the flip side, senior pets can have urination issues too, but there are pet diapers and pee pads available.

Making the Decision

If you’re going to adopt a senior pet, it’s best to find out everything you can about the animal before deciding. Consider your budget and time, because if you can’t give them routine veterinarian care or enough love, then adopting a pet might not fit into your current lifestyle.

Another option is to foster a senior pet until the animal shelter finds a suitable home for them. So if you can’t afford a pet right now but you have love to give, you can make one animal’s life brighter.

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