Cats or Dogs? That Is the Question…

cat and dogDogs and cats both have strong fans and opponents. There are many people who claim dogs are the best pets, and there are those who consider themselves cat people. There are also many homes where cats and dogs live together and get the same love and attention. If you would like to choose a pet soon and can’t decide between a cat and a dog, here are some aspects of their care that you should consider  because both cats and dogs have their appeals as well as their drawbacks.


A dog usually needs more care and attention than a cat but remember that cats cannot be left on its own. As an owner you must devote time to take care of your pets. When introducing any pet to your home, you must be prepared to take care of it.

When it comes to dogs, you must find time for daily walks that are more than just 5 minutes out for a pee. A dog needs at least one long walk a day, regardless of the weather conditions or your mood. It is important to take this into account and remember that walks are a time for bonding. Of course, there are breeds that require less exercise, so look for a dog that is suitable for you.

Cats are often expected to take care of themselves which is not true. A cat can absorb quite a lot of time, especially if there aren’t any other cats to act as companions. It is true that cats sleep most of the day, but usually when people are not around. So be prepared to play by hunting for an artificial mouse, throwing a ball around, and lots of petting.

Cats are less engaging than dogs and will adjust easier to your daily routine. However, cats, still need your attention and will feel depressed if you treat your home like a hotel and come back just to sleep.

If you’re an active person and you like to spend time outdoors, you should own a dog. Less active people should consider a cat or a breed that does not require much activity like a Chihuahua or a Mastiff. Those who work long hours with no time to take the dog out regularly should own a cat. If you don’t spend much time at home, let’s face it, you won’t be a good pet-owner for a cat nor a dog. Think about other pets that require less commitment, like fish.

Interactivity & Training

Dogs are man’s best friends; they are loyal and they love to play. As long as you give them your attention, they always happily take part in any form of interaction. Generally, dogs need a leader, so you have to show that you are “the boss”. If you don’t manage to set the hierarchy in the “herd”, the dog may begin to cause many problems, such as excessive barking, aggression, or lack of obedience.

Cats do not need much training – they quickly learn to use the litter box, which is the most important thing. However, they can’t be taught as easily as dogs because they are more individualistic. But it is not true that they do not like to interact with their owners. Compared to dogs, they are more independent yet they still enjoy playing and petting.

Cleanliness & Smells

When it comes to smells, dogs – especially large breeds – smell quite intensely (the dogs probably think about us the same). Of course, a well-kept dog that eats healthy food, will give off fewer odors. Also regular baths and grooming can help. Cats don’t carry smells but one problem is the smell of urine. The key is to keep an enclosed litter box cleaned regularly and good filler that absorbs moisture and odors.

Another problem is shedding. Both dogs and cats shed, therefore you will need to vacuum more frequently. Additionally, dogs need regular baths since they go outside more often, but mud and dust may be tracked in by cats who have access outdoors.

All in all, the question is not which pet is better, but which type you can be a better pet-owner to. Consider your options well, as your decision will last 10-15 years. The key is choosing a pet whose needs are most compatible with your lifestyle.

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  1. Ching Ya
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    Wonderfully shared, Monika. I have always loved dogs but after this thorough explanation of both characteristics, there’s definitely a chance that I might take in a cat as well. How about having both? hmm.. if so, better start young. 🙂

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  2. Rubí Flórez
    | Reply

    [PetLvr] Cats or Dogs? That Is the Question…

  3. Ahmad Williams
    | Reply

    Cats or Dogs? That Is the Question… — PetLvr Blog For Pet Lovers: Dogs and cats both have strong fans and opponent…

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